What to expect at a US graduation ceremony

A day at a US graduation ceremony: what to expect

Ever wondered what happens at a US graduation ceremony? Alan Ruby shares his experiences of attending his nephew's graduation in Oregon 

sociology students

Sociology students use their degree to unpick global issues

Sociology students at the University of Manchester were asked to write blog posts using their sociological skills on key political and social issues

Reading, studying, student

You've started your degree, now please make sure you do the reading!

Moving from school to university means increased responsibility, not just for your learning, but your fellow students’ learning, too

Money collapsing

‘I feel conned’: UK students on soaring rates of student debt

Student debt is one of the most contentious issues when it comes to higher education. Two students express their views on how debt affects them  

Princeton University

World Reputation Rankings 2017: studying at Princeton University

Princeton University, ranked the seventh most prestigious university in the world, has opened up a world of opportunities to Peyton Lawrenz

TEF: how will school pupils considering university use the results?

Following publication of the TEF results, what do prospective university students think of the new tool? Seeta Bhardwa writes

gold silver bronze TEF rating

TEF: What do students think of their university’s ratings?

Students from institutions rated gold, silver and bronze express their views on the UK government’s teaching excellence framework (TEF) and consider if it makes a difference to how they view their university

National University of Singapore - Asia Pacific

Asia-Pacific: finding a place at the National University of Singapore

As a female engineer, Rebecca Tan felt there were lots of reasons why the National University of Singapore was the right choice for developing her skills