Most haunted universities in the world

Most haunted universities in the world

Historic hauntings, bloodthirsty screams, the smell of burning human flesh...are you brave enough to visit some of these haunted universities? 

online safety for students

Phishing: how to avoid risks and stay safe online

Monitoring your online safety is increasingly important as more students are falling victim to phishing attacks. These are some ways in which you can protect your personal details online


Have you considered trying a private university in the UK?

A small number of UK institutions offer a private higher education, and there are good reasons why you might wish to apply to study at them

Trinity College, Cambridge

Required reading: How can we fix the Oxbridge problem?

The time and money spent pointing out the lack of diversity at elite universities could be used much more productively to widen access

Design Council, design graduates

IBM and Google on why design graduates are crucial to their industry

It may not seem obvious but companies like Google and IBM rely on design graduates to move their industry forward

Five benefits of a part time postgraduate degree

Five benefits of a part-time postgraduate degree

It is possible to balance a job and your education with a part-time postgraduate course. Blogger Molly Whyte explains why this could be a good decision 

Finding student accommodation in Australia

Trading America for Australia: finding student accommodation

Flat-hunting in Australia is proving to be quite a challenge for Acacia, as she relays in her third blog

weirdest student accommodation requests.

The 10 strangest student accommodation requests

There's no shame in wanting a few extra little luxuries in your student digs, but there are some requests that might be beyond the provider's capability