Stop Ebola sign written on wall

Social scientists are innovating to ensure their research is relevant, but more must be done, says Rick Delbridge

Nobel, Oslo

Two UK-based researchers also tipped as potential Nobel prizewinners

Taiwan market

Taiwan hopes that attracting students from further afield, particularly mainland China, will help to address its higher education crisis. But this in turn brings challenges, including compromised academic freedom, writes Chris Parr

Capsule beds

Study finds that universities in big urban centres produce less highly cited research than institutions elsewhere

Woman wrapped in EU flag

Europe’s funding councils oppose idea of requiring researchers to obtain a licence if they want to quote their colleagues or news articles

Young supergirls

THE analysis shows which institutions are on the verge of wider recognition for their impressive research performance

Inaugural UK-US science deal will include investment in two major projects Stateside


Carol S. Dweck is named as first laureate of education research prize for her work on the ‘growth mindset’

Black female scientist

Many researchers also ‘harbour unrealistic expectations’ about academic careers

Alaska glacier

Initiative urges government researchers to send findings through encrypted channels to ensure their preservation

Red blood cells

Holly Else considers how the withdrawal of one of the biggest players in European research could change science on the Continent, and likely national winners and losers

Bouncy castle inflating

Australian Catholic University defends hiring of professorial fellows as a tool to build partnerships


The bullying and subsequent suicide of a talented Ivy League scientist exposes ugly truths about the cruelty and dysfunction at the heart of academic science

Election billboard for CDU party in Germany

University leaders frustrated by lack of clarity on higher education in party manifestos

lion, lions, fighting

The solutions to the predatory publishing problem are known, we just need to implement them, say Larissa Shamseer and David Moher

Peter Agre at World Academic Summit

US physician also tells summit that, while governments change, ‘science goes on’


Times Higher Education’s flagship event will return to the Asian city state for its fifth edition

Paul Nurse speaks at the Times Higher Education World Academic Summit

‘Artificial barriers’ such as Brexit ‘should be resisted‘, Nobel laureate tells event hosted by King’s College London

think, thought, thinker,

Matthew Reisz reflects on the radio programme that proves many people still have a passion for seemingly obscure academic knowledge

Examining teeth

Less than 10 per cent of tweets on journal articles represent genuine engagement with content, finds study