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Report urges academy to ‘embrace’ opportunities for wider research dissemination


We examine citation data to get an idea of the most exciting and potentially ground-breaking research topics

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Learned societies used to be seen as the guardians of academic prestige. They should act on that moral authority and reclaim their oversight of peer review, says Aileen Fyfe

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10,000 references in, David Zeitlyn reflects on the joys of avoiding looking like a fool
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But research organisations say proposed directive does not go far enough and could hinder links with companies

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Elsevier data show that China produces vast quantities of papers in field but lags on quality

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US scholar argues that academics punch above their weight in key discoveries

Carlos Moedas, European Union (EU) Commissioner

European Commissioner for research sees Jordan investment as contribution to peace and stability

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Robert MacIntosh and Kevin O’Gorman explain how to negotiate your annual performance and development review

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Overseas members and evaluators excluded in what critics claim is a power grab

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As talks begin on Horizon 2020 successor, advisory body says level of competition prevents open data sharing

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One in three scholars in field ‘deeply concerned’ about future research career prospects

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Group of top Asian institutions aims to boost research collaboration and increase mobility

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Academics should get out of their bubbles and engage, not deride, says Rachel Carey

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UK exit from EU research would boost success rates for other countries – but at cost of quality, experts warn


British universities would be ‘most affected’ by failure to increase Horizon 2020 funding, MEP warns

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Country’s funding councils say institutions must offer research chairs positions to diverse pool of candidates

Bio Robotics at Delft University of Technology

THE analysis shines a light on institutions that have thought outside the box on research collaboration and funding

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UK universities rely on international researchers, say Susan Guthrie and Catie Lichten, but is the pressure on researchers to be mobile too great?

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A lung cancer research project involving more than 200 academics presents many challenges