Biomedical Research Building, Manel Brullet and Albert Pineda, Barceloneta beach, Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona’s own version of the Crick Institute has helped the city’s academic ecosystem to thrive in spite of Spanish bureaucracy, reports Jack Grove from the Catalan capital

James Fryer illustration (5 May 2016)

In chasing REF points, academics may risk their public standing and undermine work with potentially profound effects, argues Mark Reed

However, director of the Oxford Martin School says 'disciplinary silos' were one factor contributing to 2008 financial crisis

Johannes Haushofer lists failures in attempt to 'balance the record' on how he climbed the greasy pole of academia

Close-up of microscope

Research Integrity and Peer Review will look at every stage of the scientific process, and could even change its own review system depending on what it finds

Man with coin monocle

Gearing research too far towards industry goals can lead to short-termist approach, warns Brian MacCraith

Capsizing raft

Literature on leadership development needs much improvement considering the sector’s importance to the UK economy, says report

Old woman olding carer's hand

Academics will continue to have negligible impact on social policy unless they forge new collaborative relationships with service users, says Peter Beresford

Scott Jessop illustration (28 April 2016)

The junior doctor contract not only deters the lab work that leads to breakthroughs, it threatens quality of care, argues Amitava Banerjee

Flying hot-air balloon shaped as car, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

There’s a tension between Germany’s desire to be in the global elite of higher education while remaining egalitarian. John Morgan reports

Door peephole painted as bomb ready to explode

It’s time to use technology to detect potential threats and worry less about outdated ideas of privacy, says Ron Iphofen

Male/female gender symbols drawn in chalk

Durham, Edinburgh and Queen’s University Belfast pick up inaugural awards for arts, humanities and social science departments

African musicians playing instruments

But the vice-chancellor of the University of Ghana says academics must still 'push' for recognition

Man dancing with ghost of woman

Those judging creative scientific ideas fail to fully understand them, potentially hampering breakthroughs, research indicates

Shaking hands

Lobbying intensifies ahead of Lord Stern's review of crucial assessment into university research performance

Radcliffe Camera and All Souls College in Oxford

University issues public statement of support for UK being part of the EU, citing research and mobility benefits

Elly Walton illustration (21 April 2016)

Many Italians have refused to take part in the country’s research assessment exercise. Alberto Baccini and Giuseppe De Nicolao consider the protest’s impact

Woman's hands typing on laptop computer keyboard

Producing ‘real’ books builds academics’ collective public presence, and it is also the most irresistible scholarly challenge, says Ödül Bozkurt

William Shakespeare badges on sale, Stratford-upon-Avon

Amid all the events to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, Peter J. Smith contemplates our appetite for everything – and anything – to do with the Bard

Image of African continent

China’s motives, like the West’s, are mixed, but it clearly has a role to play in building capacity in African higher education