mouse in petri dish

Bid to test key cancer findings uses a strict method to avoid bias, but this means some outcomes have proved inconclusive

Magic book with shining lights

Vote on which academic text has proved most influential on how we live now

A collection of toy globes

Universities need to adapt to stay relevant, says Gordon Redding

Universities need to adapt career paths to accommodate scientists who tap into different fields, says research

Computer keyboard locked with padlock and chain

List creator to now pursue ‘new areas of research’

MRC researchers in West Africa face political unrest

domestic abuse sex with students

Student leader calls for clearer rules on student-staff relationships after Sussex report into abusive lecturer case

Rafael Reif, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

But L. Rafael Reif admits the university may have to look for alternative funding sources and new ways to ‘stay connected’ to world 

A visitor admires shadow puppets made of leather during an exhibition. China
Lucrative offer to professor renews concerns over 'unethical' contracts
Trump supporters

Social science must return to qualitative research to understand social and political shifts, say Pamela Prickett and Elaine Howard Ecklund

Pile of casino chips on gambling table
Are Chinese universities doing the same with affiliations as UK institutions do with REF, asks Jack Grove
Angela Medvedeva

The psychologist who signed up for a PhD aged 17 talks about proving her teachers wrong, keeping an open mind, and the biggest misconception about psychology

Theresa May has hinted she wants to continue research links, but it is unclear why the EU would agree to maintain the UK’s current deal

Reichstag building
Some universities in Germany are using extra cash to create elite flagship courses, says study
People walking through snow

Scholars fear reputation of country’s higher education sector will be damaged as evidence of brain drain mounts 

poi, circus

Kate Riegle van West had to battle to bring her circus life and her academic life together

United Nations peace keeper

Understanding the unwritten rules of graduate study is vital if you want to get the most from your PhD supervision, say Kevin O'Gorman and Robert MacIntosh

woman cleaning window with overlaid text

Typography expert’s rules for making messages easier to read elicit both praise and claims of pedantry

University of Bath campus

University of Bath’s Glynis Breakwell and other vice-chancellors are facing criticism from staff and students over pay increases

Man with a metal detector in a cage

Nobel prizewinning astrophysicist reflects on the perceptions and realities of how big breakthroughs are made