Angry man rejecting couple

Academic journal editor-turned-lecturer Hilary Hamnett explains the most common reasons why papers are rejected

Seven essential tips for surviving the new academic year

Seasoned scholars offer tips on first lectures, the ‘Eton mess’ of PhD supervision and why hobbies belong at work

Cracked photograph of man's back during torture/interrogation

Antonio Melechi examines how enhanced interrogation techniques came to be introduced at War on Terror ‘black sites’

Citation analysis reveals potential winners of science’s highest accolade

Two men who spent time living as animals receive accolade

Professor_Louise_Richardson_by_John_Cairns_4.9.15-A-20 University of Oxford Vice Chancellor

Louise Richardson says Asian and US universities are hot on Oxford’s heels while Brexit vote is already affecting the institution’s researchers

People riding on fairground ride

‘Clusters of excellence’ have created highly cited publications, but the amount of money involved is still relatively small

Mural peering at person reading newspaper

Federally funded research will now come with an open access clause – but uncertainties remain

Dr Frankenstein and Igor in laboratory

New research also finds that the statistical power of studies in social and behavioural science has not improved in half a century

Attacked by robot

Peer reviews created by self-generated text machines are the latest threat to scientific integrity

Dutch tulip field

More funding is needed to keep scientific research in the Netherlands strong, warn universities

Map of the north of England

Partnerships between cities and universities will be vital to securing the economic future of the North of England, writes Koen Lamberts

Paolo Macchiarini, Karolinska Institute

Sweden’s leading university pledges to learn after government intervenes in Macchiarini affair

Lone man walking on cracked ice

The region’s reputation for excellence could be threatened by funding cuts and restructuring

Daniel Mitchell illustration (15 September 2016)

Why are postgraduates and postdocs so expendable and professors so untouchable, asks a geneticist subjected to a paranoid boss’ abuse

Igor Chirikov concrete block

Humorous tribute to academia’s unsung heroes will be based outside a Moscow university

Tug of war competition

The separation of science and medicine from universities is halting the country’s progress, says international higher education scholar

Man falls from flyboarding

Additional fee income could be diverted to fund research, warns Hepi paper

Dolphin swimming in shallow water

Stephen Banks worries that the push to show real-world engagement may bury the ‘deep knowledge’ we ought to treasure

Laboratory beaker with face and suprised expression

Eight scientists share the secrets of being a successful principal investigator

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