Thai students play soccer with elephants, 2014

Thailand’s institutions want to develop joint degrees with the UK, but hurdles remain in visa red tape and political instability

Science microscope

New models of scientific discovery eschew the principle of basic research first, says Ben Shneiderman

THE University Workplace Survey 2016: Alashi illustration

Times Higher Education's poll shows that the bulk of staff find their work rewarding but there is a deep gulf between academics and professional and support staff

Contact sheet of black and white photos

Two famous experiments have reached the silver screen. Antonio Melechi on the relationship between the academic discipline and Hollywood

Ivan Timofeenko, Newton Park, Mirror Box

Drug company hopes to provide a new home for studies that try to replicate previous experimental results

Man undergoing polysomnographic examination

A focus on basic cell biology and statistical population health studies means that understanding how living systems operate has been neglected, they claim

Workers remove water from court, French Open tennis tournament, Paris

The three institutions aim to tackle sustainability and educational attainment in new partnership

Male scientist using tablet computer in laboratory

Subra Suresh fears that business short-termism, increasing research costs and worries over cybersecurity are undermining the incentives to invest

Matthew Reisz meets the researcher challenging universities on their tendency to try and fit square pegs into round holes

Nate Kitch illustration (28 January 2016)

The world is impatient for the academy’s social benefits, writes Lisa Anderson, but its core mission remains a slow-flowering one

Woman diving into dustbin on street

Analysis suggests higher selectivity fails to increase journals’ impact factors

Saudi man riding horse, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

Institutions from eight countries feature in a snapshot university ranking for the region

Woman holding handful of cash (black and white)

Center for Open Science hopes initiative will make results more reproducible

Committee of MPs hears that effort to conduct vaccine and treatment trials during outbreak in West Africa was ‘uncoordinated’

Exhausted marathon runner sitting by Coca-Cola branded vehicle

Warning comes after stories about Coca-Cola’s spending on science hit the headlines last year

Miles Cole illustration (21 January 2016)

We must improve the system we already have, not make a switch to metrics, argues James Wilsdon

Resplendent quetzal (Pharomachrus mocinno) in flight, Mexico

Neil Reid is fulfilling a childhood dream and working in a cloud forest in Honduras, where the natural wonders and the need to defend them can push the region’s dangers out of mind

Sajid Javid speaking at podium

Critics fear proposals for high-level body could risk politicising scientific decisions.

Level of quality compass

Authors argue this means universities should spend less on senior academics and give promising younger scholars more of a chance