Flags of European Union member countries

European University Association research flags pressure points across continent

An image of a boy taken from Higher Fees, Higher Debts: Greater Expectations of Graduate Futures? A Research-Informed Comic

Student artists at Staffordshire University have transformed academic research on graduate debt into a full-length comic

Large crowd of people

Leru analysis points to problems with Horizon 2020

Three ballet dancers

Combining higher education institutions will be 'catalyst' to improve scholarship, says minister

Binary data (illustration)

Survey reveals three quarters of academics have shared data despite widespread uncertainty

Woman turning away man

Head of England’s funding council says ‘future talent pool’ is big Brexit issue

Funding pots growing money

Early career researchers could benefit most from changes to funding structures, says Sven Sewitz, but he is concerned that there simply isn’t the will to make it happen

Pierre-Paul Pariseau illustration (20 October 2016)

In embracing ‘cognitive capitalism’, US universities have moved from knowledge generation to income generation, argues Henry Heller

Clive Oppenheimer and Wwerner Herzog standing beside volcano

Clive Oppenheimer recounts dodging lava bombs and gunmen as he guided the director to global hot spots for his film about volcanoes

Scientists using centrifuge in laboratory

Experts question whether funders are doing enough to tackle discrimination in grant applications

University of Tromsø campus buildings, Tromsø, Norway

Director discusses life at the world’s northernmost university, and how it leads collaborative research on Arctic issues

Group of scientists working in laboratory

Budget scrutiny is emphasising the importance of effective translational research, says Graham Lord, who believes international cooperation is key to ensuring research reaps practical rewards

Maintenance work on a cable car

Swiss parliament takes steps to resolve crisis with European Union, but plan faces challenges

Princeton University

Times Higher Education analysis reveals the institutions with the most affiliated Nobel prizewinners this century

Posters of people killed in anti-government protests, Tahrir Square, Cairo

Interviews with scholars in 14 countries highlight impact of security concerns on intellectual pursuits

Moors roadsigns in fog

Infamous cases of misconduct such as that of Paolo Macchiarini are just the extremes on a long spectrum of dubious research practices, say Nick Butler, Helen Delaney and Sverre Spoelstra

Donald Trump supporters holding placards

Ronald Daniels says universities have not fully comprehended ‘profound disillusionment’ within society

Locked door

There is no simple answer to the ethical dilemmas, political manoeuvrings and relationship challenges involved in gaining access to organisations for research, says Ann Cunliffe

Infographic 13 October 2016

New data points to exponential growth in many countries

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 14: Citizen stand in front of the welcome sign of Edinburgh Festival Fringe on August 14, 2016 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Paul Drechsler calls for ‘honest’ debate about role of immigration in UK economy