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Jisc has revealed its top social media superstars of the year, writes Chris Parr

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Shift to lifelong learning opens up opportunities for ‘niche, digital’ providers, says Glyn Davis


Online learning design is now a refined art, says Geoff Webster, and universities must show they can produce high-quality courses at a reasonable cost

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Elite universities must expand their intake to combat rising resentment directed at higher education, says Catharine B. Hill

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Despite advances in artificial intelligence, humans will always have the edge over machines when it comes to teaching, says Aldwyn Cooper

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Tasmanian researchers find it takes 10 hours to plan an hour’s lecture for online students, compared to eight hours for on-campus delivery

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‘Portfolio’ academics undertaking teaching for a range of platforms are playing an increasingly important role

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Spreading the word on social media about research can help academics get ahead, but is it too much of a distraction, asks Brooke Erin Duffy

Providing support for learners on low-cost ‘flat-pack degrees’ is key to expanding international higher education in Australia and worldwide, says Merlin Crossley


University will establish 50 degrees over the next five years

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Research highlights concerns around quality despite medium being preferred by many Western universities

Students of the Ecole Polytechnique school march during the traditional Bastille Day military parade. France

New president keen to support Paris institution’s ‘agility’, according to its leader

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Figures highlight challenges faced by European universities seeking to educate refugees

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Ian Jacobs says visits by hundreds of thousands of international and lifelong learners on short courses will transform campus life

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Indiana public higher education institution eyes for-profit online provider’s technological expertise

The Duke of York’s support for London Met shows how the Royal Family can make a difference in higher education, says Jack Grove

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US researchers claim 76 per cent success rate in using video analysis to identify likely misconduct

Technology in higher education

What will hold back the use of technology in higher education over the next five years?

Online education

Expansion into ‘digitally advanced market’ confirms platform is ‘firmly on the map’, says chief executive

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Universities should be providing students with the skills to understand and handle media manipulation, say academics behind a new study