Impact and engagement

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Alternative metrics find that research on dieting, PhD  mental health and female doctors attracted the most online attention this year

Research and development

Decline of corporate discovery programmes could narrow scope of innovation, scholars warn

Institut Pasteur

Not far from the birthplace of preventative medicine, research institutes in the French capital are working together to launch a new era of technology transfer

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Ministerial letter suggests ratings system similar to teaching excellence framework


As a report suggests social mobility in the UK is getting worse, Chris Husbands outlines how Sheffield Hallam is attempting to tackle the problem

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The Industrial White Paper is welcome, says Andy Westwood, but does it also represent an opportunity missed?


UK government's White Paper offers commitments on HEIF funding and assigns role to OfS

Australian dollars

Australia’s new impact assessment exercise recognises cultural, social and environmental impacts, but there is a danger that economic impact will override everything, says David Lloyd

Ahead of the UK City of Culture 2021 being named next month, Craig Mahoney looks at how winning the title can revitalise towns and their universities

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As research funding becomes increasingly linked with impact assessment, academics will need help seeking out business partners, sector leaders say

Jet pack

Getting innovations to market can be a conundrum, but help and support is available for those limbering up for the knowledge exchange framework, says Siraj Ahmed Shaikh 

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Ahead of his Vincent Briscoe Lecture, Bill Durodié calls on researchers to engage with issues of great social and technological ambition

Pregnant art

Exhibition showcasing stories of infertility across the ages – involving suspended uteruses and frogs – is part of the Being Human festival

Melbourne, Australia

Nancy Rothwell and Glyn Davis write from the Global University Engagement Summit in Melbourne

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Developers working with academics compete for $150,000 prize

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Institutions left ‘bemused’ by ratings delivered by pilot

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University of Maryland student claims top prize for explaining thesis on parasites affecting bee decline

Matthew Reisz celebrates the scholars engaging with film, personal experience, the creative arts and even jokes

The inventor with a penchant for clocks talks KitKat wrappers and kettles

Hawaiian shirt at the Wailing Wall

In a pair of books exploring aspects of Jewish identity, Devorah Baum reflects on Jewishness and the human condition. She talks about turning uncomfortable ‘Jewish feelings’ such as guilt into something positive, and how humour is a way of coping with life’s trials