Impact and engagement

anti Trump protest

While scholars may disagree in research, they should band together in public advocacy work, says Jean Tirole 

Baseball fans

Former chief of staff at White House Office of Science and Technology Policy says academics must put aside fears of ‘partisanship’

The entrepreneur and philanthropist on not going to university, student start-up mistakes and Brexit

Statue of Socrates, Athens

Humanities subjects do support economic growth and good citizenship, but their real value lies deeper, says Andrew Moore


Squeamishness about advocacy is out of date. Evidence and freedom of enquiry must be defended, says Aymen Idris

People on their phones

Social scientists must create a culture in which individuals regularly observe, analyse and interpret their own data, says Geoff Mulgan

Sir Peter Gluckman

Sir Peter Gluckman, who advises New Zealand’s prime minister, cautions scientists against overreach


Ministers are foolish to abandon the conclusions of the 1971 review that has informed UK research policy for 45 years, say Donald Braben and John Dainton 

Asia reflection

Challenge for UK as Asian research diaspora returns home, says China-born member of PM's science council

Working on an allotment

Work with communities and industry should be better captured by league tables, summit hears


Community engagement is not just a good strategy. It’s an urgent responsibility, says Andrew Petter

Politicians should stop attacking universities and recognise their growing role in fostering economic prosperity and community cohesion, says Hakim Yadi

think, thought, thinker,

Matthew Reisz reflects on the radio programme that proves many people still have a passion for seemingly obscure academic knowledge


Universities should play a key role in teaching Canadians about their nation’s racist past and the possible ways to redress it, says Glen Jones

Melvyn Bragg

The radio show In Our Time is a sort of academic seminar on the airwaves. Its presenter tells Matthew Reisz about bringing scholars to the public, and the risks UK academia faces

Leaving Lehman Brothers

New data show how universities took up the slack when businesses cut back on R&D. But the crisis also led to greater demands on universities to boost growth

Lightbulb innovation

Nature Index examines how research articles are cited in third-party patents  


John Morgan witnesses a pioneering collaboration between two Sheffield universities, drawing upon the city’s manufacturing heritage to become a hub of industrial innovation and a model of civic engagement

An angel

Academics able to link their expertise to world events can raise their personal and institutional profiles to previously unimaginable levels, says Russell Reader

Flags of Pakistan and China

The $50 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a huge opportunity to build academic capacity in Pakistan, say Abdur Rehman Cheema and Muhammad Haris