Graduate employment

Doctoral study can seem like a 24-7 endeavour, but don't ignore these other opportunities, advise Robert MacIntosh and Kevin O'Gorman

University of Guelph
Universities under pressure to show value and demand for master’s and PhDs
Women`s football team huddle before match

Focus on skills and job readiness 'disengages' academics from issue, says HEA head

Man celebrating with hands full of cash

University of Oxford law graduates earn considerably more than counterparts at University of Bradford, figures in ‘experimental’ data release show

One year shaved off time to degree under new national framework

Students sitting examination

Evidence of positive effect of retakes ‘weak’, concludes Dutch academic

Parent prays for students sitting college entrance exams, Seoul

Yeon-Cheon Oh says serving society can be as rewarding as getting rich

Gao kao exam in China. Policemen rescue woman who fainted

As meritocratic approach to education finds favour in UK, academic argues its dystopian original meaning has come to pass in China

Asian woman holding umbrella on windy day

Survey of Chinese employers shows UK graduates required to ‘fit back in’ to home culture

Many graduates would also have chosen a different subject or institution in hindsight, study reveals

An employee works on a mannequin at the 'A Top Mannequin' factory

But academics argue against narrow teaching focus and warn that technical skills have a ‘half-life’

Class painting

New study adds to concerns over the weakness of Chinese university teaching

Unemployed people outside Tunisian Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment

More North African universities turn away from French and Arabic as languages of instruction

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AGR finds employers are also shifting their focus to apprenticeships

Man shining the shoes of a businessman

Higher university enrolment worsens the average quality of non-graduates and leads to lower wages, conference told

Competitive sprinter kneeling on race track

Black and Asian students fall further behind white classmates after leaving university

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Warning from Nick Jennings, AI expert and new vice-provost at Imperial College London

Cheese chasers falling down hill

Institute for Fiscal Studies says firms’ ability to accommodate more highly educated workers may be coming to an end

Busker playing guitar in litter bin

Results of NUS survey appear to reflect university leavers’ experience in job market

Residential apartments in Hong Kong

Compared with 20 years ago, young graduates face a much greater struggle buying flats, which some fear could stall social mobility