Graduate employment

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Elite universities top newly-released tables for graduate employment rates, official data shows

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Sydney’s move towards programmes focused on problem-solving designed to address rise of artificial intelligence and automation

Tool box

Universities claim to bestow on graduates the key to open the door to any job: critical thinking. But even if they do, are employers interested?

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Research reveals that salary and graduation rate information does not influence high school pupils

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Plan to include LEO graduate earnings in TEF raises issue of regional pay differences

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Round table discusses challenges of changing job market and political instability

The latest data from Hesa’s graduate outcomes survey were not included in the TEF, and could point to universities that may seek to reapply next year

Students embarking on degrees can now find out the likely returns on their different options


Latest data from Hesa's DLHE survey shows highest proportion going on to other courses since at least 2011-12

Generic courses may not be equipping students with much-needed skills, says British Film Institute

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An analysis of the graduate salary data alongside prior attainment shows how difficult it is to measure university performance on such a metric

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Publication of data showing long-term graduate earnings by discipline has huge potential to improve higher education, says Jack Britton

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Hotly anticipated figures on salaries show that for subjects such as economics and law, the university attended has stronger link to high earnings

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The liberal arts approach can lead to business being done more thoughtfully, more creatively, and more sustainably, says Jeffrey Nesteruk

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Analysis finds new bachelor’s graduates do well in labour market, particularly those from more practically focused universities

Encouraging students to view themselves as professionals, and exposing them to entrepreneurship, are among the tools being used to improve graduate employment

Figures likely to fuel debate over whether value of bachelor's degrees is eroding over time

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Study finds classes can improve students’ chances of getting a graduate job by 40 per cent

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Facebook pioneer discusses improving diversity in tech industry and universities

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McLaren Applied Technologies director sees need to go ‘beyond STEM’, THE-Ulsan summit hears