Brexit protest in Westminster

Joint publication from EU and UK negotiators confirms EU-funded research will be protected and citizens’ rights upheld

EU referendum

The government’s latest Brexit reassurances are just another punch in the face for EU scholars, writes Tanja Bueltmann

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The government is working hard to secure the rights of the 33,000 academics from other EU countries who are working in the UK, says immigration minister Brandon Lewis

EU flag outside Westminster

Eliane Glaser on a study of a gripping drama that has monopolised national discussion

Pharmaceutical worker

Universities stand to benefit if companies relocate to stay close to sector agency, say experts

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The UK needs its universities more than ever, and the government needs to realise their importance, says Sir Keith Burnett


Hilary Benn also suggests that UK’s future in Horizon 2020 is not necessarily contingent on free movement


Survey suggests European scholars are resistant to UK continuing to enjoy full participation in programmes such as Horizon 2020

Flooded road

British universities face potential challenges if they are left outside the ‘Sorbonne process’, experts warn

Louise Richardson

Louise Richardson says universities must be fair in admissions and focus on inequality in response to populism

Map of Europe

Jean-Claude Juncker and Tibor Navracsics on how the EU hopes to make it easier for educators to work across Europe

Brexit jigsaw

British Academy report marking 500 days until ‘Brexit day’ throws spotlight on the money and academic talent in the subjects that come from the EU

European Union (EU) flags flying

European staff have helped make the UK higher education system a world leader, says Sarah Stevens, and we need to ensure that they continue to do so

What will European and global research collaboration look like post-Brexit?

Downing Street

Patrick Vallance to take over from interim government adviser Chris Whitty from March next year

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International students bring money, potential and skills, so we should be rolling out the red carpet, says Nick Hillman
British Remainers

Shift to a political divide based on identity and values requires response from universities, experts suggest

Remain and Leave Brexit campaigners

Beyond the noise of the front pages, the UK’s decision to leave the EU offers an opportunity to hone students’ skills in critical thinking and evaluating sources, says Paul James Cardwell

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Forty per cent of UK business schools report fall in undergraduate applications from the Continent

Woman in EU mask

Last week’s spats over universities’ supposed anti-Brexit bias and what to do about it highlight the contested nature of free speech