InsperaDigital Examinations Forum 2020

Digital Examinations Forum 2020


Achieving teaching and learning excellence with e-assessment

Digital Examinations Forum (DEF) is an online event taking place 2-30 June 2020, organised by the University of Bath and powered by Inspera Assessment. The forum brings together participants from the UK and international universities, from diverse backgrounds and with different types of experience with e-assessment, in five live webinar sessions with 10 speakers.

The objective of the event is to discuss the opportunities of digital assessment to innovate assessment practices, from both a teaching perspective and a technical one. This year the chosen theme for the webinar series is “Achieving teaching and learning excellence with e-assessment”, which aims to inspire leaders in higher education to consider the positive impact of digital exams on assessment design and development, strategic policy development and future trends, initiatives in examinations delivery, IT infrastructure, coordination and stakeholder engagement.

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