InsperaHigh-stakes assessment during the Covid-19 emergency

High-stakes assessment during the Covid-19 emergency

Changing online learning and assessment forever

Bjorn Rustberggaard, founder and CEO of Inspera, a secure, cloud-based e-assessment platform, presents the knowledge partner session “High-stakes assessment during the Covid-19 emergency” at THE’s virtual Innovation & Impact Virtual Mini Summit on 22 April 2020.

Covering topics such as how to ensure academic honesty in e-assessment and addressing universities’s concerns with remote proctoring, this interactive session explained Inspera’s integrated approach to working with institutions to deliver remote exams. It also acknowledged the importance of improving access to and awareness of e-assessment, and offered an appraisal of how the coronavirus crisis is already changing the nature of assessment in higher education.

“I think it has accelerated digitisation and the transformation process,” said Rustberggaard. “It's coming from a point of business continuity, as well: it’s not just to modernise and be more relevant. Where paper was the primary mechanism for assessment, I think it's going to be a contingency in future. Most of our customers are digitising aggressively.”

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