Multi-coloured fish lanterns hanging on wire

From accent intolerance to ‘bamboo ceilings’, Jack Grove examines the challenges of working in a university overseas

Emotive faces drawn on lecture hall chairs

Academics offer advice on how to turn glumness into enthusiasm

Person standing on big toe of sitting Buddha statue, Leshan

Five contributors recall friendships and encounters with preeminent scientists, writers and philosophers

Donkey being led by carrot

Steve Olivier offers tips for a smoother transition

Person in ghillie suit reading on bench

Joe Moran on the little-known benefits of being a shrinking violet

'Please come in, I am already disturbed' sign on door

Matthew Reisz on the amusing items academics pin to their doors

Ice lolly melting on pavement concrete

A long break sounds luxurious but what is the reality? Scholars share what they did with their ‘free’ time

Shakespeare and Plato fist-fighting in field

Are you an idealist or a pragmatist? In his latest book, Self and Soul, Edmundson aims to provide fresh insights into how we might choose to live our lives

Pro-democracy protester, Causeway Bay district, Hong Kong, 2014

In a special report from the territory, David Matthews hears concerns that scholars are paying the price for ‘politically incorrect’ talk

Joaquin Phoenix, Irrational Man, Woody Allen, Sony Pictures, 2015

Does Woody Allen’s Irrational Man succeed in bringing big ideas to the big screen? Benjamin Poore gives his verdict

Feature illustration (3 September 2015)

Dale Salwak explains why he focuses on the people carrying out the translation process and their effects on the text we read

Feature illustration (3 September 2015)

Paul Jump examines the many reasons for irreproducibility in science and efforts to tackle it

Businessperson wearing red boxing gloves

Graduate teaching assistants are campaigning to improve temporary workers’ low pay and poor treatment. How is the battle going?

Foot about to step on banana peel

Kevin Haggerty and Aaron Doyle offer tips on making postgraduate study even tougher (which students could also use to avoid pitfalls if they prefer)

Group of people with road signs over mouths

Lincoln Allison argues that it is becoming harder for academics to share controversial ideas

Lead feature montage (20 August 2015)

Ellie Bothwell introduces our four ‘innovation indicators’ and reveals the strongest performers as we visualise a new ranking based on university-industry collaboration

Headless statue, Frankfurt, Germany

Three academics examine buildings, art and statues that arguably have no place on a campus in 2015

Chameleon sitting on barcode

Postgraduate loans are around the corner; will they drive fees up?

Man lying beneath rugby pile-up

Six academics share their experiences before delivering a verdict on the system

Balloons caught in tree

Universities were once urged to ape the governance models of the Square Mile, but big business could learn from some collegiate practices, suggests Malcolm Gillies