British Academy

August 8, 1997

Tony Wrigley has succeeded Keith Thomas as president of the British Academy for 1997-98. Other officers elected include: M. McGowan, vice president; J. Flemming, treasurer; B. Supple, foreign secretary; F. Millar, publications secretary; R. Davies, chairman of the committee on academic research projects.

Fellows: R. Bartlett, professor of history at the University of St.Andrews; R. Blundell, professor of economics, University College London; V. Bogdanor, professor of political studies, University of Oxford; A. Bottoms, professor of law, University of Cambridge; H. Clout, professor of geography, University College London; S. Cohen, professor of sociology, London School of Economics; G. Corbett, professor of linguistics, University of Surrey; M. Daunton, professor of history, University College London; I. Davies, professor of history, University of London;

K. Dyson, professor of political studies, University of Bradford; D. Fallows, professor of musicology, University of Manchester; D. Farrington, professor of sociology, University of Cambridge; P. Fonagy, professor of psychology, University College London; B. Heal, professor of philosophy, University of Cambridge; B. Hewitt, professor of linguistics, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London;

R. Holmes, private scholar of literature; W. Horbury, theology, University of Cambridge;

T. Ingold, professor of social anthropology, University of Manchester; J. Kay, professor of economics, London Business School; B. Markesinis, professor of law, University of Oxford; J. Muellbauer, professor of economics, University of Oxford; A. Nuttall, professor of literature, University of Oxford;

N. Palmer, professor of literature, University of Oxford; M. Schofield, professor of classics, University of Cambridge; I. Simmons, professor of geography, University of Durham; A. Stepan, professor of political studies, University of Oxford; W. Twining, professor of law, University College London; P. Warren, professor of archaeology, University of Bristol; T. Williamson, professor of philosophy, University of Edinburgh; A. Worden, professor of history, University of Sussex.

Senior fellow: B. Tizard, professor of social psychology, formerly at the University of London.

Corresponding fellows: W. Berschin, professor of medieval studies, Germany; L. Binford, professor of archaeology, US; R. Boudon, professor of sociology, France; W. Corden, professor of economics, US; A. Grafton, professor of history, US; J. Greene, professor of history, US; M. Hansen, professor of classics, Denmark; J. Kamp, professor of linguistics, Germany; H. Kotz, law, Germany; P. Lichtenberger, professor of geography, Austria;J. Linz, professor of political studies, US; L. Ricci, professor of Ethiopian studies, Italy; T. Scanlon, professor of philosophy, US; F. Smahel, professor of history, Czech Republic; J. Spence, professor of history, US.

Honorary fellows: David Cox and Kenneth Durham.

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