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三月 31, 2000

The following listing is for research degrees and jobs in Biology #221> . Where possible a central contact person or office contact point has been given. Where there are several contact people they have been listed with the courses for which they have responsibility. If an institution does not appear in this list you should not assume that they do not offer post-graduate research degrees.

Key #221> Name of institution #221> For the sake of brevity the short version of an institution's name has been used. Validation #221> If an institution's courses are validated by another college its name is given in brackets. Contact names #221> A contact is given for each opportunity listed. Where there is a central contact for all an institution's opportunities in a particular area, the contact will be given once only. Qualifccation level #221> MSc, PhD etc. The figure in brackets indicates the number of places available where known. Mode of study #221> FT = Full Time PT = Part Time Funding #221> A = Assistantships available to students to undertake paid work while studying for a higher degree £ = Scholarship/ studentships available ? = Funding is a possibility.

Students should contact the department listed. Do not address enquiries to The THES. We are unable to help


Aberdeen U. Molecular and Cell Biology Postgraduate Secretary Tel: 01224 3194; URL: Zoology Prof W Mordue Tel: 01224 2886; URL: /zoology £ A? Plant and Soil Science Prof K S Killham Tel: 01224 2260; URL: /pss £ A?

Abertay U. Molecular and Life Sciences Prof D A Ross Tel: 01382 308651 Email:

Aberystwyth Institute of Biological Sciences Miss Catrin James Tel: 01970 6220; URL: £ A?

Anglia P.U. Applied Sciences: Biology Division Dr Denis Wheller Tel: 01223 3631; URL:

Aston U. Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences Dr P A Lambert Tel: 0121 359 3611 ext 4170; URL: Life and Health Sciences Dr Peter Lambert Pharmacy Div Tel: 0121 359 3611; URL: /

Bangor Biological Sciences Mrs Jennifer Jones Tel: 01248 382295; URL: Ocean Sciences Dr C A Richardson Tel: 01248 382846; URL:

Bath U. Biology Mrs Anne Pearson Tel: 01225 826918; URL: £? A?

Bath Spa U.C. (Bristol: UWE) Environmental Biology Academic Office Administrator Tel: 01225 875444; URL:

Queen's U. of Belfast Biology and Biochemistry Dr Max Lewis Tel: 01232 2099; URL:

Birmingham U. Biological Sciences Prof C M Thomas Tel: 0121 414 5903; URL: £ Biological Sciences Dr N Maxted Tel: 0121 414 5571; URL: £ Environmental Science Prof G E Petts Tel: 0121 414 5518; URL: £? A? Biological Sciences Prof J S Bale Tel: 0121 414 5908; URL: £ Biological Sciences: Animal Biology Prof P J Butler Tel: 0121 414 5471; URL: £ Biological Sciences: Environmental Biology Prof J S Bale Tel: 0121 414 5908; URL: £ Biological Sciences: Genetics Dr M J Kearsey Tel: 0121 414 5886; URL: £ Biological Sciences: Microbiology Prof N L Brown Tel: 0121 414 5465; URL: uk/biology £ Biological Sciences: Plant Biology Prof J A Callow Tel: 0121 414 5559; URL: £

Bolton I.H.E. Arts, Science and Education: Biology and Environmental Studies Dr Geoff Hosey Tel: 01204 528851; URL: £? A?

Bristol U. Biological Sciences Dr P J Miller Tel: 0117 928 9000; URL:

Bristol: UWE Biological Sciences Dr Alan Vivian Tel: 0117 976 3834 Email:

Brunel U. Biology Prof J P Sumpter (contact by letter) Tel: 01895 4000 Email:

Cambridge U. Anatomy Mrs S Stubbings Tel: 01223 333750; URL: £ A? Plant Sciences Prof R A Leigh Tel: 01223 333958; URL: £? A?

Canterbury Christ Church College (Kent U.) Science Kendra Perrott Tel: 012 7801 Email: £

Cardiff Pure and Applied Biology Postgraduate Secretary Tel: 01222 874268; URL:

Central Lancashire U. Applied Biology Prof Malcolm Edmunds Tel: 01772 893518; URL: http://www.

Chester U.C. (Liverpool U.) Biology Mr Ross Mills Tel: 01244 375444; URL: http://www. £? A?

Coventry U. Natural and Environmental Sciences Dr J Henderson Tel: 01203 838632 Email:

Cranfield: Cranfield Institute of BioScience and Technology Alison Amatsah Tel: 01234 754339; URL: http://www.

De Montfort U. Biological Sciences Prof N Jenkins Tel: 0116 257 8114; URL: http://www.

Derby U. Environmental and Applied Sciences: Plant Biotechnology Dr J Chartier-Hollis Tel: 01332 622222 ext 1132 Fax: 01332 6247

Dundee U. Biological Sciences Head of Department Tel: 01382 344765; URL: http://www. £

Durham U. Biological Sciences Dr J D Horton Tel: 0191 374 3359; URL: http://www.

East Anglia U. Biological Sciences Biograduate School Office Tel: 01603 593002; URL:

East London U. Life Sciences Prof Andrew Roberts Tel: 0181 590 7000 ext 4539/4489 Email:

Edinburgh U. Centre for Genome Research Pat Hope Tel: 0131 650 5828; URL: Centre for Neuroscience Dr S G N Grant Tel: 0131 650 4562; URL: http://www. Graduate School of Life Sciences Dr D M A Watson Tel: 0131 650 5522; URL: http://www. Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology Dr B J Kilbey Tel: 0131 650 5385/5384; URL: http://www. Institute of Cell, Animal and Population Biology Mrs P Dougall Tel: 0131 650 5455; URL: uk/icapb/pgrad Institute of Ecology and Resource Management Dr R A Ennos Tel: 0131 650 5411; URL:

Edinburgh: Heriot-Watt U. Biological Sciences Dr Iain Campbell Tel: 0131 451 3454 Email: Biological Sciences Dr Iain Campbell Tel: 0131 451 3454; URL: http://www.

Essex U. Biological Sciences Postgraduate Secretary Tel: 01206 873320; URL: http://www.

Exeter U. Biological Sciences Prof J A Bryant Tel: 01392 264672; URL: http://www. £? A?

Glasgow U. Virology Mr Alastair Whitelaw Tel: 0141 330 6879; URL: http://www. A? Institute of Biomedical and Life Sciences: Division of Molecular Genetics Dr J B Wilson Tel: 0141 330 5108; URL: http://www. A? Institute of Biomedical and Life Sciences: Environmental and Evolutionary Biology Dr D C Houston Tel: 0141 330 4775; URL: http://www. Institute of Biomedical and Life Sciences: Infection and Immunity Dr J G Coote Tel: 0141 330 5845; URL: http://www. uk/IBLS/II/index.htm A?

Glasgow Caledonian U. Biological Sciences Prof J T Knowler Tel: 0141 331 3210; URL:

Greenwich U. Chemical and Life Sciences Prof Ed Metcalfe Tel: 0181 331 8300 Fax: 0181 331 8305

Harper Adams (Open U.) Crop Production and Science Dr P Fair Tel: 01952 820280 Email: £

Hertfordshire University. Biosciences: Biotechnology Prof J Walker Tel: 01707 284546 Email: Biosciences: Molecular Biology Admissions Office Tel: 01707 284800 Email: t.l.

Hull U. Biological Sciences Postgraduate Admissions Officer Tel: 01482 465198; URL: http://www. International Fisheries Institute Kevin Crean Tel: 01482 466421 Email:

Keele U. Biological Sciences Dr J Hamilton Tel: 01782 583026 Email:

Kent U. Biosciences Dr A N MacGregor Tel: 012 823025; URL: http://www. £ Research School of Biosciences Dr A MacGregor Tel: 012 823025; URL: http://www. £

Kingston U. Life Sciences Dr A J Russell Tel: 0181 547 2000 Email:

Lancaster U. Biological Sciences Kath Fanning Tel: 01524 593192; URL: £ A

Leeds U. Microbiology Dr M Phillips-Jones Tel: 0113 233 5648; URL: http://www. £ A? Biology Dr R K Butlin Tel: 0113 233 3081; URL: http://www. £ A?

Leicester U. Biology Dr W Cockburn Tel: 0116 252 3344; URL: http://www. Microbiology and Immunology Prof Williams Tel: 0116 252 2951; URL: http://www-micro.msb. £? Liverpool U. Human Anatomy and Cell Biology Tutor for Graduates Tel: 0151 794 5510 Email: Human Anatomy and Cell Biology: Hominid Palaeontology Research Group Dr Gabriele Macho Tel: 0151 794 5466 Email: Port Erin Marine Laboratory Dr A R Brand Tel: 01624 8320; URL: http://www. Biological Sciences Prof J R Saunders Tel: 0151 794 4414; URL:

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine Parasite and Vector Biology Mrs Val Robbins Tel: 0151 708 9393; URL: http://www. uk/lstm/lstm.html

Liverpool Hope U.C. (Liverpool U.) Environmental and Biological Science Dr Derek Bell Tel: 0151 291 3445/7; URL: http://www. £?

Liverpool John Moores U. Biological and Earth Sciences Prof N W Lepp Tel: 0151 231 20; URL: http://www. £? A? Biomolecular Sciences Prof David Billington Tel: 0151 231 2077; URL: http://www. £

London: Birkbeck College Biology Dr G Baggott Tel: 0171 631 6244; URL: http://www.

London: Imperial College Biology Dr H Williams Tel: 0171 589 5111; URL: £ A?

London: King's College Life Sciences Prof R Cammack Tel: 0171 333 4264 Email: r. Life Sciences Prof R Cammack Tel: 0171 333 4264 Email: Molecular Biology and Biophysics Dr R Patient Tel: 0171 836 8851 Fax: 0171 497 9078

London: Queen Mary and Westfield College Biological Sciences Senior Postgraduate Supervisor Tel: 0171 775 3012; URL: http://www. £ A?

London: Royal Holloway College Biology: School of Biological Sciences Biological Sciences Tel: 01784 443773; URL: http://www.

London: St George's Hospital Medical School Anatomy Dr D C Bennett Tel: 0181 725 5202; URL: http://www. Medical Microbiology Prof A R M Coates Tel: 0181 725 5725 Email: Medical Genetics Unit Dr Michael A Patton Tel: 0181 725 5331 Fax: 0181 784 2575

London: University College Bacteriology Dr Helen Donoghue Tel: 0171 380 9153; URL: http://www. Biology Dr Jonathan Nugent Tel: 0171 387 7050 ext 2681; URL: http://www. Molecular Pathology Ms J Sablitzky Tel: 0171 387 9300 ext 3464; URL: http://www. Immunology Dr P Delves Tel: 0171 380 9349; URL: http://www. uk/UCL-info/Faculties/CinSci/Departments/ Institute of Laryngology and Otology Prof A Wright Tel: 0171 915 1308; URL: http://www. MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology Unit Administrator Tel: 0171 380 7259; URL: http://www. Virology Dr P Balfe Tel: 0171 380 9490; URL: http://www.

London: Wye College Biological Sciences Academic Registrar Tel: 01233 812401; URL: http://www. Horticulture Academic Registrar Tel: 01233 812401; URL: http://www.

Loughborough U. Human Sciences Dr H Gross Tel: 01509 2237; URL:

Luton U. Science, Technology and Design Dr G C Steele Tel: 01582 489332; URL: http://www. £ Sensor and Cryobiology Research Laboratories Research Centre Prof David M Rawson Tel: 01582 743743; URL: http://www. £ A?

Manchester U. Biological Sciences Research and Graduate School Graduate Office; Prof Richard Balment Tel: 0161 5 5608; URL: £ A? Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine Dr J Hughes Tel: 0161 5 5857; URL: http://www. uk/Science_Engineering/CHSTM £ A

Manchester Metropolitan U. Biological Sciences Dr P Kumar Tel: 0161 247 1218 Email:

Middlesex U. Health, Biological and Environmental Sciences Brian Shutes; Ian Williams Tel: 0181 362 5000 Email:;

Napier U. Biological Sciences Prof Paul Read Tel: 0131 455 2625; URL:

Newcastle U. Agricultural and Environmental Science Dr J H Ollerenshaw Tel: 0191 222 6899; URL: http://www. Biochemistry and Genetics Prof N J Robinson Tel: 0191 222 7695; URL: http://www. Biological and Nutritional Sciences Dr R S Pearce Tel: 0191 222 6898; URL: http://www. Dermatology Dr J L Rees Tel: 0191 222 7107; URL: http://www. Human Genetics Prof Tom Strachan Tel: 0191 222 8855; URL: http://www. Physiological Sciences Prof B H Hirst Tel: 0191 222 6993; URL: http://www. Marine Sciences and Coastal Management Prof N J P Owens Tel: 0191 222 8885; URL: http://www.

North East Wales Institute of HE (U. of Wales) Multidisciplinary Research and Innovation Centre Prof Barry J Parsons Tel: 01978 293100; URL:

North London U. Biological and Applied Sciences Prof John Charalambous Tel: 0171 753 5130; URL: http://www.

Northumbria U. Chemical and Life Sciences Prof D J Gardner Tel: 0191 2 4533; URL: http://www.

Nottingham U. Biological Sciences: Department of Life Science K Lyon Tel: 0115 951 3229; URL: Clinical Laboratory Sciences: Division of Genetics Dr Alistair Chambers Tel: 0115 970 9225; URL: http://www.

Open U. Biophysics Group Course Reservations Centre Tel: 01908 653231; URL: http://www. £? Biology Course Reservations Centre Tel: 01908 653231; URL: http://www. £?

Oxford Brookes U. Biological and Molecular Sciences Prof L A King Tel: 01865 483295; URL: http://www.

Paisley U. Biological Sciences Dr R O McLean Tel: 0141 848 3118 Email: £? A?

Plymouth U. Biological Sciences Prof Michael Depledge Tel: 01752 233038; URL: http://www. £? A? Environmental Biology and Ecotoxicology (Plymouth Environmental Research Centre) Prof M H Depledge Tel: 01752 233038; URL: http://www. £? A?

Portsmouth U. Biological Sciences Dr R A Eaton Tel: 01705 8420 Email:

Reading U. Botany Dr J R Barnett Tel: 0118 931 8163; URL: http://www. Animal and Microbial Sciences Prof R L Robson Tel: 0118 931 8462; URL: http://www. Plant Sciences Mrs Anne Bassett Tel: 0118 931 8072 Fax: 0118 975 0630

Robert Gordon U. Applied Sciences Dr M Melvin Tel: 01224 262800; URL: http://www. Food and Consumer Studies Dr C Henderson Tel: 01224 263001; URL: http://www.

Roehampton Institute (An Institute of the University of Surrey) Life Sciences Karen De Netto Tel: 0181 392 3256; URL: http://www. Life Sciences Dr Ann MacLarnon Tel: 0181 372 3645; URL: http://www.

Royal Agricultural College (Bath, Bristol, Nottingham and Reading) Agriculture Dr Paul Davies Tel: 01285 652531; URL: http://www. Agriculture Dr Steve Harrison Tel: 01285 652531; URL: http://www.

Salford U. Science Research Institute: Bioscience Division Dr J E Bradley (PhD)/Dr G Ingram Tel: 0161 295 5488 Email: £ A?

Scottish Agricultural College (Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Strathclyde U.s) Biological Sciences Academic Registrar Tel: 01292 525350; URL: http://www.

Sheffield U. Animal and Plant Sciences Mrs S Carter Tel: 0114 222 0100; URL: http://www. £

Sheffield Hallam U. Leisure and Food Management: Countryside Research Unit Dr Ian D Rotherham Tel: 0114 225 4661; URL: http://www. £? A?

Southampton U. Biological Sciences: Division of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Mrs Maureen Smith Tel: 01703 594338; URL: http://www. Biological Sciences: Division of Biodiversity and Ecology Mrs Enid Scappaticci Tel: 01703 594397; URL: http://www. soton. Biological Sciences: Division of Cell Science Mrs Pat Hughes Tel: 01703 594431; URL: http://www. Biological Sciences: Division of Human Nutrition Mrs Betty Draper/ Mrs Janice Taylor Tel: 01703 594302; URL: http://www. Biological Sciences: Graduate School Jane Breese Tel: 01703 594348; URL: http://www. uk/sobsgrad.html

St Andrews U. Biomedical Sciences Dr R E Randall Tel: 01334 463397; URL: http://www. Environmental and Evolutionary Biology Dr N Hazon Tel: 01334 463472 Email:

Staffordshire U. Sciences: Biology Division Dr Angela Priestman Tel: 01782 294845 Email: £? A?

Stirling U. Biological and Molecular Sciences Dr D S McLusky Tel: 01786 467755; URL: http://www. Institute of Aquaculture Mrs J Farrington Tel: 01786 467874; URL: http://www. Institute of Biological Sciences Prof David M Bryant Tel: 01786 467755 Email:

Strathclyde U. Bioscience and Biotechnology Prof P J Halling Tel: 0141 552 4400 ext 2683; URL: http://www. £? A?

Sunderland U. Health Sciences Dr J Sneddon Tel: 0191 515 2504 Fax: 0191 515 2502

Surrey U. Biological Sciences Dr R S Jones Tel: 01483 259705/259730 Email:

Sussex U. Biology Research Programme Dr M J Hutchings Tel: 013 606755 ext 61; URL: http://www. £? A? Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Neurosciences Dr K Walsh Tel: 013 678743; URL: http://www. £? A?

Swansea Biological Sciences Dr Peter Hayward Tel: 01792 295386 Fax: 01792 295447 £? A?

Warwick U. Biological Sciences Dr N H Mann Tel: 01203 523526; URL: http://www. £?

Westminster U. Biosciences Prof Jennifer George Tel: 0171 911 5086; URL: http://www.

Wolverhampton U. Applied Sciences: Biosciences Division Dr T J Hocking Tel: 01902 322375 Email: £ A?

Worcester U. College (Coventry U.) Sciences: Biological Sciences Dr Robert Herbert Tel: 01905 855215; URL: http:///

York U. Biology Mrs P Innes/ Mrs J Knox Tel: 01904 432801; URL: http://www. £

About this service #221>

The THES Research Opportunities Service aims to list the availability of opportunities for postgraduate research training. The listings include details of new research posts. Although courses from more than 140 institutions are represented here it is not an exhaustive listing.

Some institutions have not wished to list their courses in this way; so you should not assume that institutions not featuring in these lists have no courses to offer. This listing should give a good flavour of the wide variety of research training on offer at higher education institutions in the United Kingdom.

Potential students should not make decisions on the basis of this listing alone. Potential candidates should contact the institutions of their choice directly if they wish to discuss their future plans.They should not contact The THES or the compilers of this listing.

Quality of degrees #221>

All UK universities in membership of the Committee of Vice Chancellors and Principals have power to award British degrees after either courses of study or programmes of research, and some colleges of higher education have one or both of these powers.

Other colleges provide courses or programmes which are validated by an institution which has those powers. Courses of this kind are listed under the name of the college which runs them; the name of the validating institution, which finally awards the degree, is in brackets.

The compilers #221>

This list has been compiled by the Higher Education Careers Services Unit (CSU) on the basis of returns from institutions. CSU is an agency of the Committee of Vice Chancellors and Principals, the Standing Conference of Principals of Colleges and Institutes of higher education and the Comm- ittee of Scottish Centrally Funded Colleges.

This information has been provided for information purposes only. It is not definitive and does not take precedence over the official publications of universities and colleges. While every effort has been made to ensure that the information is accurate and that those institutions which wanted to take part have been included, CSU can accept no responsibility for errors or omissions.

Any queries about this list should be addressed to the data collectors, Mayflower Directories Production, Ro Dew, West Looe Hill, Looe, Cornwall PL13 2HH. Tel: 01503 264454. Fax: 01503 264821. Email: All rights reserved. No part of this listing may be stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the written permission of the publishers.

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