Breaking the rules of higher education for better results

Advice on overturning long-accepted ‘norms’ within universities in order to improve outcomes for students, staff and society as a whole

A collection of advice on overturning long accepted customs in higher education to better serve students, academics and society

Many of the practices in higher education teaching, research and career progression have gone largely unchallenged for decades, in some cases centuries. Yet, many would argue that these customs do not serve students, academics or staff, but instead perpetuate inequities and inefficiencies. The pandemic has spurred a rethink of all aspects of higher education, and consideration of alternative approaches that might achieve better outcomes for all. Here we spotlight ideas from individuals who are throwing out the legacy handbook of higher education.

There are no ‘single authors’: challenging individualism in academia

Abbey S. Willis offers practical advice to encourage collaborative writing by demonstrating the power of sharing ideas to students, and dispelling the myth of the ‘single author’

Abbey S Willis

Siena College

Rejecting perfectionism in order to encourage deeper learning