THE podcast: teaching 101 tips from your peers

Teaching is fundamental to the higher education mission and student success. In this episode, educators from across the world offer their top teaching tips

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29 Sep 2022
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Key Details

Even the most experienced faculty member can benefit from teaching advice from their peers. In this episode of the THE Campus podcast, we feature short tips from university educators around the world, creating a mini teaching community in podcast form. We also speak to David Dodick, a sessional lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley and the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto, about the arts and humanities employability myth and common mistakes he’s seen university lecturers make.

So sharpen your pencils and make sure your laptop is charged – prepare to get schooled on how to teach.

Huge thanks to our podcast teaching community: Becky Lewis at the University of East Anglia; Sarah Ivory and David Clarke at the University of Edinburgh; Jack Wang and Stephanie MacMahon at the University of Queensland; Melanie Brown at the University of Adelaide; Yona Guðrún Jónsdóttir and Rannveig Björk Þorkelsdóttir at the University of Iceland; Layal Hackim at the University of Exeter; John Weldon at Victoria University; Shonagh Douglas at Robert Gordon University; and Jo-Anne Chuck at Western Sydney University.

This episode is sponsored by Routledge. THE Campus listeners can use code THE20 before 22 October 2022 to get *20 per cent off* all orders.


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