Social sciences round-up

May 27, 2010

Knowledge-in-Practice in the Caring Professions: Multidisciplinary Perspectives

Editors: Heather D'Cruz, Struan Jacobs and Adrian Schoo

Edition: First

Publisher: Ashgate

Pages: 266

Price: £60.00 and £19.99

ISBN 9780754672821 and 2845

This edited volume explores the role and nature of knowledge in the work of the caring professions. It focuses on knowledge of the practical over the theoretical, looking at the application of theory and the implementation of skill, judgement and discretion. With contributions from experts in a variety of fields, the book argues that to address the social, psychological and health problems facing contemporary societies, professionals must look to cooperative models of practice.

Sport, Media and Society

Authors: Eileen Kennedy and Laura Hills

Edition: First

Publisher: Berg

Pages: 224

Price: £55.00 and £17.99

ISBN 9781845206864 and 6871

Sport has become an integral component of today's media, from prime-time television to interactive websites. This book acts as a theoretical and methodological guide to analysing sport in all its mediated forms, in which the evolving cultural politics of sport are considered via original case studies from Britain, the US and elsewhere. Students are taken through various techniques of analysis for film, TV, newspapers, magazines, advertisements, spaces such as stadia and museums, and the internet.

Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions

Authors: Gerald Corey, Marianne Schneider Corey and Patrick Callanan

Edition: Eighth

Publisher: Cengage

Pages: 624

Price: £50.99

ISBN 9780495904687

This best-selling text's latest edition includes new material in every chapter and is aimed at undergraduates as well as professionals. It offers students the opportunity to refine and develop their thinking, by considering the role played by therapists' personal values in the counselling relationship, the ethical responsibilities and rights of therapists and clients, and the considerations involved in adapting counselling practice to address the needs of diverse groups.

Understanding Heritage in Practice

Editor: Susie West

Edition: First

Publisher: Manchester University Press

Pages: 328

Price: £24.99

ISBN 9780719081545

As opportunities for engaging with the past become democratised, the notion of heritage as an official narrative is being replaced by heritage as social action rather than merely performance. This textbook, one of three in the publisher's Understanding Global Heritage series, takes an interdisciplinary and global approach that aims to serve students of heritage studies as well as those in other fields as diverse as archaeology, architecture, anthropology, sociology, museum studies and religious studies.

The Discovery of Society

Author: Randall Collins and Michael Makowsky

Edition: Eighth Publisher McGraw-Hill

Pages: 320

Price: £32.99

ISBN 9780071267601

The lives and theories of the thinkers who shaped sociology are considered in this accessible best-seller, drawing in biographical and conceptual details for Marx, de Tocqueville, Nietzsche, Durkheim, Weber, Freud, Goffman, Bourdieu and others. The book is intended to be a supplement for introductory courses in sociology and courses in social and sociological theory and the history of social thought.

Doing Social Science: Evidence and Methods in Empirical Research

Editors: Fiona Devine and Sue Heath

Edition: First

Publisher: Palgrave

Pages: 232

Price: £55.00 and £19.99

ISBN 9780230537897 and 7903

Looking beyond abstract discussions of method towards aiding students to deal with complex research issues, this edited volume explores how social scientists collect and construct evidence in real-life research, and how they tackle issues ranging from results not matching expectations to the issue of whether research questions can or should be changed in mid-project. Nine examples of recent research in both new and core areas of social science are examined, from postcolonial life to TV soap operas and youth subcultures.

Assessment in Social Work

Authors: Judith Milner and Patrick O'Byrne

Edition: Third

Publisher: Palgrave Pages 288

Price: £19.99

ISBN 9780230218628

This revised edition of a popular text considers the crucial task in social work of assessment, which is frequently an intimidating challenge to new practitioners. The authors offer structured practical advice as well as theoretical maps ranging from psychodynamic and behavioural to task-centred and solution-focused approaches, aimed at guiding thinking and decision-making. Also included are consideration of collaborative assessment leading to positive interventions, the challenges of children's and adult services, summaries of legislation and guidance and case studies.

Understanding Disability: From Theory to Practice

Author: Michael Oliver

Edition: Second

Publisher: Palgrave

Pages: 216

Price: £18.99

ISBN 9780230220287

Academic and activist Oliver combines theory, policy, historical background and personal experience to offer an insightful picture of the key issues raised by

disability, including the practical and political challenges that disablement presents, theoretical understandings of disability, disability law policy implementation and areas of contention for the disability movement. The second edition offers insight into recent policy developments, as well as discussion of welfare, rehabilitation, special education and normalisation.

Mental Health, Race and Culture

Author: Suman Fernando

Edition: Third

Publisher: Palgrave

Pages: 248

Price: £21.99

ISBN 97802302118

Informed by substantial international experience, Fernando considers the role of race and culture in mental health issues and challenges traditional approaches in clinical psychology and psychiatry. Discussing theoretical perspectives and practical implications, he analyses perceptions of ethnicity and identity, compares practices around the world and looks at racism in mental health services. Material new to the third edition covers trauma and psychosocial support, spirituality, refugees' mental health and developments in Asia and Africa.

Sociology: Making Sense of Society

Author: Ian Marsh, Mike Keating, Samantha Punch and Jeni Harden

Edition: Fourth

Publisher: Pearson

Pages: 856

Price: £28.99

ISBN 9781405873574

Aiming for accessibility for students of sociology, criminology, social policy and social work, this text covers social institutions and divisions. New material includes race, nationalism, the environment, disability and religion. Case studies provide opportunities for discussion.

Race and Ethnicity in Latin America

Author: Peter Wade

Edition: Second

Publisher: Pluto

Pages: 224

Price: £17.99

ISBN 9780745329475

Newly updated after 10 years, and suitable for sociologists studying identity in the region, Wade's clear and comprehensive book considers changing perspectives on black and indigenous populations in Latin America, from the point of view of both academics and elites.

Investigating Sociological Theory

Author: Charles Turner

Edition: First

Publisher: SAGE Publications

Pages: 216

Price: £65.00 and £20.99

ISBN 9781849203746 and 3753

A reader's guide rather than a textbook, according to the author, this offers "a series of suggestions for those who believe that sociology is a profession and a discipline but also something more". A lively introductory book arguing for sociology's role in understanding the modern world.

Capitalism and Classical Sociological Theory

Authors: John Bratton, David Denham and Linda Deutschmann

Edition: First

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

Pages: 334

Price: £17.99

ISBN 9780802096814

A good resource for the classical sociological canon. The authors consider the Enlightenment and the work of Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim, Max Weber and Georg Simmel and the writing of Mary Wollstonecraft, Harriet Martineau, Charlotte Perkins Gilman and Jane Addams.

Sociology: Introductory Readings

Authors: Anthony Giddens and Philip W. Sutton

Edition: Third revised

Publisher: Wiley

Pages: 376

Price: £60.00 and £18.99

ISBN 9780745648835 and 8842

A comprehensive guide to key classical and contemporary readings, from C. Wright Mills and Karl Marx to Simone de Beauvoir and Lesley Doyal. Content new to this edition includes readings on the internet and virtual communities, ecological thinking and climate change, offshoring and the future of work, global cities, patriarchy and shifting gender relations, restorative justice, war and terrorism.

Environmental Social Science: Human-Environment Interactions and Sustainability

Author: Emilio Moran

Edition: First

Publisher: Wiley

Pages: 232

Price: £50.00 and £19.99

ISBN 9781405105736 and 5473

Moran aims to offer a new synthesis of environmental studies by defining the nature of human-environment interactions and providing the basis for a cross-disciplinary undertaking to make critical theories and research methods accessible across the natural and social sciences. The text seeks to make key theories and methods of the social sciences available to biologists and other environmental scientists, and to explain biological theories and concepts for social scientists working on the environment.

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