Recent films fail to recognise the support women give to famous male artists or scientists, says Mary Evans

12 February

Cinema is the perfect medium to examine the role and ritual of food in family, in love and in bringing people together. Davina Quinlivan feasts her eyes

25 September

The Cinema of Childhood, a touring festival, spurs Davina Quinlivan to reflect on screen representations of bodies in flux

3 July

Catherine Clinton admires the story of a mixed-race girl with an aristocratic upbringing told against the background of the abolition of slavery

12 June

The vampire as cultured aesthete is the beatless heart of Jim Jarmusch’s peculiarly reassuring film, says Lucy Bolton

20 February

The tale of an unsaintly Aids sufferer’s rebellion sidesteps sentimentality and hints at hope, says Duncan Wu

6 February

Our complicity as onlookers sharpens Cormac McCarthy’s bleak morality tale, Duncan Wu finds

14 November

Davina Quinlivan considers the monster as a figure of loss and sadness as the BFI begins a season of ghoulish thrills

31 October

Clio Barnard’s loose adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s short story sees children condemned to life on the scrapheap

24 October