Ibero-American University

Prolongación Paseo de la Reforma 800, Lomas de Santa Fe, Lomas de Santa Fe, Mexico City, 01219, Mexico

About Ibero-American University

Ibero-American University is a private institution in Mexico City, Mexico.

It was founded in 1943 as a Jesuit institution. Along with a number of other universities across Mexico, it forms the Jesuit University System.

The university is made up of 19 academic departments including art, religious sciences, economics, history, international studies, psychology, health, communications and law among others.

There are 34 bachelor's degrees and 39 graduate-degree programmes. This includes 27 master's degrees, 10 doctorates and two specialisations. There are also 200 diplomas and other courses that provide training to companies, government institutions and individuals.

The university moved to its modern campus in 1988 in Santa Fe in Mexico City.

The campus covers 48 acres. There are classrooms, laboratories, and workshops for a number of different subjects.

There are also several auditoriums, a medical centre, three cafeterias, a bookshop, stationary shop, bank branches, an exhibition hall and the Andrea Pozzo SJ Gallery.

Its main library, which is called Francisco Xavier Clavigero Library, holds more than 400,000 books and journals and is one of the largest university libraries in the country.

The university has its own radio station which is broadcast from the campus.

Every year the university puts on a variety of art and cultural events which are open to students and the general public.

There are sports fields on campus as well as a gym, and basketball and tennis courts. A number of sports classes are on offer including kickboxing, pilates, spinning, yoga and zumba among others.There are also a number of sports teams including football, volleyball, tennis and softball.

Students also have the opportunity to take part in dance, theatre, creative writing, art and other workshops.