Local impact, global influence

24-26 June 2020, Moscow, Russia

What is the THE  Young Universities Summit?

The seventh annual Times Higher Education  Young Universities Summit will explore and demonstrate how young universities can expand their spheres of influence both globally and locally. In particular, this summit will hear leaders of young universities ­– defined as higher education institutions established since 1945 – discuss opportunities to further consolidate their reputation and impact at home and abroad. It will be a showcase for thought leadership from both young and long-established institutions, as well as industry and government leaders. The summit will also feature the global launch of THE  data on the performance of young universities globally, and these data will be presented to and interrogated by delegates in order to support understanding of university performance.

Universities are uniquely placed to influence global development and future life on Earth through their research and knowledge creation. Gauging a university’s influence has traditionally meant measuring how innovative it is in its research, how global it is in its outlook and how successful it is in knowledge transfer. Increasingly, however, influence has another dimension. Local sustainable development goals are now considered a vital measure of a university’s impact on society. At this three-day summit, we will therefore explore how universities can further enhance their global reputation through their research, industry partnerships and teaching, while concurrently having a significant impact on their localities.

Young universities are uniquely positioned to shape their missions to become powerhouses on both a global and local scale. With fewer institutional shackles, they can be agile and responsive to world events and emerging challenges. In this summit, university presidents, vice-chancellors, industry and government representatives, and thought leaders from around the world will examine how young universities can harness such opportunities to influence the lives of people and environments far and near. We will also scrutinise governments’ role in accelerating university success, multidisciplinary approaches to research and how universities can ensure student success in the fourth industrial revolution.

At the summit, we will exclusively reveal the THE  Young University Rankings 2020, for institutions under the age of 50. Additionally, we will share the “Golden Age” rankings for institutions founded between 1945 and 1968, and the “Millennials” rankings for universities founded since 2000.

To further enrich the summit’s theme – “Local impact, global influence” – THE  experts will host a special data masterclass to examine the development and next steps of THE ’s pioneering University Impact Rankings, based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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Perfect academic gathering, friendly atmosphere, created by the staff of THE, opportunity to listen and talk to prominent, well-known people in the academic world.

Huseyn Baghirov
Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Western Caspian University


I always find lots of inspiration at THE Summits for my future work, as they give me the chance to experience and understand the global perspective.

Joanna Morawska-Jancelewicz
Public engagement officer
Adam Mickiewicz University


I really enjoyed this conference. It provided an excellent mix of speakers, content and networking at a fantastic venue in one of Europe's leading cities.

James Rolfe
Chief operating officer
Anglia Rusking University

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