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12-14 October 2021 | Tianjin, China

What is the THE  Teaching Excellence Summit?

Hosted by the editors of Times Higher Education, the global authority on university excellence, the Teaching Excellence Summit covers two full days of interviews, debates and discussions, and networking events including a gala dinner, drinks reception, lunches and social events.

As well as groundbreaking research that helps to answer society’s grand challenges, universities have a fundamental mission to teach and share knowledge. They are society’s drivers of intellectual and cultural growth, providing life-changing access to higher education for many. In order to raise higher education teaching standards in China and beyond, this summit will explore the latest innovative methods and best teaching practices from around the globe.

Distinguished speakers

More speakers to be announced soon
Xuetao Cao
Nankai University
Susan Elliott
Deputy vice-chancellor and vice-president of research
Monash University
Ian Jacobs
President and vice-chancellor
UNSW Sydney
Anton Muscatelli
Principal and vice-chancellor
University of Glasgow
Valerie Tan
Director of hiring solutions

A summit that brings the leaders of higher education under one roof with active discussions and networking towards a better future.

Khaled Alkattan
Alfaisal University


There is no other event with so many top representatives of world-class universities in once place.

Mladen Kraljić
Deputy secretary-general
University of Maribor


This is one of the most intellectually stimulating conferences I have been to in a long time. The Times Higher Education summit is creating a vehicle for governance-like discussion.

Mitchell Stevens
Associate professor
Stanford University

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