Top universities for on-campus wi-fi revealed

Durham University has received the most positive comments for its wi-fi service out of more than 7,000 student reviews

December 26 2017
Top universities for on-campus wi-fi

Durham University is the top university for on-campus wi-fi, according to data compiled by StudentCrowd. 

The online review community asked students to rate their universities on a number of criteria including campus facilities, students’ unions and wi-fi. 

The data were based on 7,348 student reviews, giving Durham an average score of 4.5 out of five for wi-fi. 

A review left on StudentCrowd by a Durham University graduate said that they "appreciated how fast/reliable” the wi-fi at their university was when they had their own after leaving university.

Best for wi-fi University
1 Durham University
2 Lancaster University
3 University of Sheffield
4 Loughborough University
5 University of Leeds
6 Keele University
7 Newcastle University
8 Royal Holloway, University of London
9 University of Winchester
10 University of Leicester

There were positive reviews for many of the other universities that were featured in the top 10, such as “I can get fast wi-fi anywhere I go”, one reviewer said, writing about the University of Sheffield. And a student at Loughborough University noted that there was wi-fi access all over campus – “even the shuttle buses!”

Research published earlier this year by facilities management company Sodexo found that wi-fi is of high importance to students, with 79 per cent of UK students considering it the most important service at their university.

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