A level results day 2017: survival pack

Be prepared for this A level results day with this live blog full of advice, statistics and case studies from other students

August 17 2017
A level Results Day 2017

A level results day is finally here and I appreciate that it can feel pretty daunting. This survival pack will be updated throughout the day with bits of advice, helpful articles and statistics that will help you make your way through the day. Keep checking back for help with clearing, adjustment and to see how other students have dealt with A level results day. 

This blog was last updated at 5.30pm on 17 August 2017. 

That's it from us today. Best of luck in your university journey and keep checking back on THE student and across our social media accounts for academic, lifestyle and financial advice for university.

5:30pm - Natwest worked out which were the cheapest cities in the UK and Cardiff took the top spot. Find out whether your university city is among the cheapest student cities in the UK

Cheapest student cities

5:04pm -  Is your accommodation all sorted? Why not check out if it’s on this list of the top 50 student halls in the UK, as decided by students. 

top 50 student halls in the UK


4:41pm– If you are heading to university in the autumn, then take a look at what some students from all over the world wish they had known before going to university. Tweet us (@THEUniAdvice) and add what you would like to know before going to university using #THEUniAdvice and we will do our best to help with any queries you might have. 

4:10pm - A few celebrities and public figures have been wishing their followers luck on results day and weighing in on what A level results can lead to.






And of course, the obligatory Jeremy Clarkson A Level results day tweet...


3:35pmIf you’re still feeling stressed about your exam results then here’s a helpful guide on how to handle any concerns you may have and how to manage that stress: How to deal with stress over exam results

3:00pm – Our sister publication the TES has compiled a series of retrospective pieces from students and teachers from when they received their A level results and how they have progressed since then: Looking back on A level results day

You are now also able to officially add a clearing or an adjustment offer in Ucas Track. 

2:39pm - Leeds Beckett University has launched a chatbot based on Facebook messenger technology to help students have an online conversation to assess their eligibility for undergraduate courses. The chatbot, available on both desktop and mobile uses a series of menus or keywords to guide students through the clearing process and is available 24 hours a day.

If you are going through clearing and considering changing your degree subject altogether, check out our helpful subject guides which can help you make a decision. There are guides on what you can do with each degree subject and the best universities in the country that teach them. 

THE subject home page


2:30pm - If you are currently going through clearing, here is a guide of what you should say on the phone to universities: Clearing: What you should say on the phone to universities

2:14pmDid you know that we are on Instagram too? Tag us in your pictures of you collecting your results and we might publish them on our Instagram page!



1:00pm – The Student Room has created a heat map to show how students across England were feeling about their results in the lead up to results day and now how they are feeling on results day.


 A level results day 2017


12:45pm - It has been confirmed that Malala Yousafzai will be heading to the University of Oxford this year to study politics, philosophy and economics. It just goes to show what hard work and determination can achieve. 



12:39pm - If you don’t fancy getting on the phone during clearing or you can't get through, then why not message your university of choice on Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat?



12:00pmResearch from London South Bank University has found that 67 per cent of students found the clearing process stressful and 59 per cent felt they made a snap decision when choosing a university via clearing. If you’re going through clearing, don’t panic and make a decision that you might regret. Clearing is actually open until September, so you have plenty of time to decide.

In the meantime why not have a look at the best universities in the UK, according to Times Higher Education data, to help you make your decision: Best universities in the UK 2017

best universities in the UK


11:32am - While there is no question too silly to ask on the phone while going through clearing, Birmingham City University has compiled a list of the some of the slightly odder questions that have been asked on the phoneTales from the Clearing hotline. Check back here later to find out what you should be saying on the phone to universities.



11:10am - Most universities will now be setting up Fresher's hubs and Facebook groups which provide helpful advice, dates and the opportunities to connect with fellow Fresher's before you start. This is just one of the ways that you can get started making friends at university. Here are some other helpful tips to get you started: Five ways to make friends at university



11:00am - Hannah Morrish from The Student Room, answers some of the most frequently asked questions about exam results day here including what you need on results day, how to navigate clearing and what you need to do if you get higher grades than expected. 

10:26am - Some inspirational words of advice from Dr Fern Riddell here. And Amy Poehler. 



10:15am - The number of students accepted into higher education this A level results day is down compared with last year, but is still the second highest number ever recorded. Institutions have seen a 2 per cent drop in the number of students accepted compared with the same day last year. Get all the stats here.


10:00am – Did you get higher grades than you expected? Have you considered having a look and seeing whether you could go to a university requesting higher grades? Adjustment is the process that allows you to look around at other universities while still maintaining your initial offer. It certainly worked for Rachel Dyson who traded in her place at the University of Gloucestershire for a place at the University of Sheffield and calls the decision “one of the best of her life”: A level results day: going through adjustment

Lots of universities are also live on Facebook right now including Trinity Saint Davids and the University of Bournemouth. Check out the Facebook pages of your university of choice to find out more.



9:00am – Research carried out on behalf of the Leeds Beckett University has found that 57 per cent of students are more likely to tell their mums first about their A level results. They’re also the person that most students ask for advice about university (22.3 per cent) and which career path to choose (21.2 per cent). Dads are the least likely to be asked, beaten into third place by teachers. Who did you tell first?

If you call Birmingham City University this morning you might find yourself speaking to Sir Lenny Henry (pictured). As the new vice-chancellor of the university, the actor has donned a headset in order to help some take some calls for students inquiring about clearing courses at the university. 

Sir Lenny Henry at Clearing 2017


8:00am – Tracking is now open and so you should know within the next few minutes whether you’ve got into the university of your choice or not. If you have then congratulations! But if you haven’t then it’s not the end of the world. Laura Owen a recent graduate from the University of Bedfordshire says that clearing gave her the second chance she needed. Read more about her experience here: Clearing gave me the second chance I needed


7:00am  – Clearing is open now. It’s never too soon to prepare and this handy guide will help you prepare for the process if you're concerned about your grades. Don't forget that the Ucas Exam Results helpline is open today for free and can be reached on 0808 100 8000. 

Navigating clearing: what to do if you don’t receive your grades

Clearing 2017


6:00am – Hopefully you’ve managed to get some sleep, but I'm guessing not if you're up this early. Check out this post on what to do when you receive your results, no matter what the outcome. It may help to calm your nerves.  A level results day: What to do when you receive your A level results


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