Teaching excellence framework (TEF)

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HEA expert says universities may not want to jeopardise good institutional rating

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If the outcomes of ‘active learning’ are so much better than those for traditional lectures, why stick with the old format? asks Simone Buitendijk

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The Excellence Initiative in Germany and the UK’s TEF may bring only bad news for universities’ reputations, says David Matthews

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Findings from the German Excellence Initiative raise questions over impact of TEF

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Lords may insist on changes if they scent chance of overturning UK government’s slim Commons majority

Houses of Parliament, Westminster

Peers back further amendments to Higher Education and Research Bill

Members of the House of Lords

Peers back amendment which says TEF cannot be used to determine English universities’ fees

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Commentator Martin Wolf examines the economic flaws and false assumptions of the Higher Education and Research Bill

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Keele University academic argues that the TEF ‘legitimises’ and ‘amplifies subordination’ of overseas students

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Jisc report for Hepi says technology is a ‘key tool’ in responding to challenges laid down by TEF

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Total of 134 institutions includes all English members of the Russell Group
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Open University vice-chancellor Peter Horrocks on why his institution will not be in the teaching excellence framework this year

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First transnational study of how university dropouts fare in the labour market suggests any exposure to higher education is better than none

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Chair voices concerns over student satisfaction data as Cambridge’s students’ union joins NSS boycott

Members of the House of Lords

Gill Evans laments the financial cases universities make for entering the teaching excellence framework

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Measuring learning gain via self-reporting is difficult as top graduates underrate abilities, suggests Futuretrack study

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The amount of learning that goes on outside the classroom makes quantifying what students have learned very difficult, says Jon Scott 

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Paul Ashwin takes aim at ‘common sense’ arguments about the link between contact hours and pedagogic excellence

Professor_Louise_Richardson_by_John_Cairns_4.9.15-A-20 University of Oxford Vice Chancellor

Louise Richardson says Asian and US universities are hot on Oxford’s heels while Brexit vote is already affecting the institution’s researchers

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A survey has suggested that a good rating in England’s TEF would make an applicant consider studying at that university