Research Excellence Summit


The first Times Higher Education ranking measuring universities in the 13 nations that have joined the EU post-2000 will launch at the event 

Man in suit on diving board

University of Hertfordshire job cuts add to fears staff could be forced out ahead of REF 2021

Alan Lau,

Watch Alan Lau’s keynote speech at the 2017 Times Higher Education Research Excellence Summit

Saudi man riding horse, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

Universities facing the challenges of developing a knowledge economy


Scholar returning to homeland from US to lead university speaks of his concerns

Watch the vice-chancellor of the University of Newcastle, Australia, deliver her keynote address at the THE Research Excellence Summit

Podcast special from Taichung, Taiwan, following the 2017 Research Excellence Summit

research excellence summit
Call for rankings to give more weight to societal impact
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Sydney’s deputy v-c says government must put its money where its mouth is

Brexit negotiations sign

Wherever you are, populism and its effect on universities is never far from conversation, finds Chris Parr

University reform urgently needed to capitalise on fourth industrial revolution, says KAIST head

Talent, skill

Ahead of the 2017 THE Research Excellence Summit, taking place in Taiwan from tomorrow, we hear from Partha S. Mallick on the importance of valuing talent

Shin, Kaist

Sung-Chul Shin, President of KAIST, on his biggest challenges, successes, and the person who has inspired him in his career