Research Excellence Framework


Research excellence framework maintains discrimination in academy, says thesis

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It's not just about papers. Running a university in Papua New Guinea has cast academic impact in a more exotic light for John Warren

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Findings from the German Excellence Initiative raise questions over impact of TEF

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‘Push-back’ against proposal to use contractual status to identify research-active academics

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Discussion of research excellence framework reform has overlooked the role of research itself, argues Kevin Hetherington

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Economist says universities will simply ‘play different types of games’ after Stern review

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Game-playing, ‘spurious precision’ of league tables and heavy workloads also highlighted by insiders from 2014 audit

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Working with other academics can be tricky so follow some key rules, say Kevin O'Gorman and Robert MacIntosh

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Researchers on large-scale projects would receive less credit under proposed scheme

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Stern Review steering group member says unclear whether assessment still drives up quality

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Thousands of France’s most educated minds are now based abroad – luring them back could be a boon for its ambitious plans for higher education, Jack Grove writes

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Proportion of Royal Society scientists associated with Oxbridge is lower than expected, researcher says

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Mathematical model works by trying to remove skewing of results in group funding decisions

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Poor monitoring in ‘second-tier’ institutions is also part of the problem, research indicates

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First transnational study of how university dropouts fare in the labour market suggests any exposure to higher education is better than none

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Some universities in Germany are using extra cash to create elite flagship courses, says study
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Sir Keith Burnett reflects on the future of academia and innovation in the UK and China

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Biochemist named in analysis of US highly cited papers claims it is not his main contribution to science

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Academics should be able to publish either a YouTube video or a paper, expert argues

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Key recommendation of Stern review is adopted to help reduce workload for institutions