Research Excellence Framework

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The research excellence framework’s panels will look at factors including adventurousness, disciplinary diversity and methodological clarity, predicts Martin Willis

University workers

Having caused a scandal over research assessment back in the 1990s, Lincoln Allison is well placed to give an overview of its impact, and still finds it wanting

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Universities must support those responsible for the impact case studies that will carry so much weight in the next research excellence framework, says Jonathan Grant

Inaugural UK-US science deal will include investment in two major projects Stateside

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Joy Carter urges universities and policymakers to embrace the ‘joy of learning’

Weighing huge pumpkin

Hefce stops short of adopting Lord Stern’s proposal to include university-wide impact in research assessment scores

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It is time to consider how we can stop senior academics bullying their way on to research papers, says Trisha Greenhalgh

predatory journals

Universities, funders, rankers and individual academics all need to act to stamp out predatory publishers, says Roger Watson

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The publication game that researchers are obliged to play has stripped the purpose out of social research. Time to change the rules, says Yiannis Gabriel

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Working 55 hours per week, the loss of research periods, slashed pensions, increased bureaucracy, tiny budgets and declining standards have finally forced Michael Edwards out
Sharing credit

Both universities could gain credit when an academic moves, under plans

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The pressure of producing high-quality research publications spoils the long vacation for many academics, says Rachel Moss


Does the UK have the best structures in place to fund data-driven research? asks Steven Hill

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Should we be talking about Ofcoll and the ‘degree experience framework’? Diana Beech thinks so


Emily Van Duyne on why she missed graduation despite being passionately committed to her students


Research excellence framework maintains discrimination in academy, says thesis

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It's not just about papers. Running a university in Papua New Guinea has cast academic impact in a more exotic light for John Warren

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Findings from the German Excellence Initiative raise questions over impact of TEF

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‘Push-back’ against proposal to use contractual status to identify research-active academics

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Discussion of research excellence framework reform has overlooked the role of research itself, argues Kevin Hetherington