Management and governance

Cambridge private

But Cambridge head warns that perceived isolation from neighbours is ‘biggest challenge’

Marcus Butt illustration (23 February 2017)

Like cricket, academia needs specialists, and revised calendars and tech will show teachers belong in the top order, says Merlin Crossley

crossing in Hong Kong

University of Hong Kong v-c denies he is ‘heading for a simple life’ as the next head of the University of Edinburgh

Miles Cole illustration (16 February 2017)

Applying lean principles can help universities find quick, creative solutions to pressing problems, says Madison Sandy

Puppet, control, strings, freedom

Toby Miller on the lessons that other countries could teach universities in the UK

Eleanor Shakespeare illustration (2 February 2017)

Female academics’ feedback on issues such as ‘acceptable’ norms reveals a sector far from its ideals, say Laurie Cohen and Jo Duberley

Man by fence in Ukraine

Institutions displaced by war in the country’s east have relocated campuses and adopted distance learning techniques to continue teaching. Hilary Lamb reports


Sir David Bell’s review says the ECU, HEA and LFHE should become one body by September

Academic Caesar

Steve Fuller on the need for leaders who can make the radical decisions necessary to survive existential threats both internal and external

Donald Trump and US flag montage

John Morgan considers the impact on students and US scholars, and the political earthquake’s potential positives

Colourful world map
Number of first-year students from India, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria all down
Elly Walton illustration (5 January 2017)

From respect and metrics to mistakes and biscuits, management scholar John Hendry offers advice

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Average cost of remunerating v-cs in group rose by 6 per cent last year but salaries still lag those in top US and Australian universities

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Although the term still resonates with scholars, it means less and less in today’s academy, says Bruce Macfarlane

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Leading higher education scholar warns that the sector will ‘shut down’ if institutions do not report their value

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To help manage their expanding activities, institutions require new corporate leadership personnel, Sarah Shaw says

Miles Cole illustration (15 December 2016)

For the first time, says the UK’s universities minister Jo Johnson, academic freedom and institutional autonomy will be enshrined in UK law

Jefferson with paint over face

Buildings and statues dedicated to people whose views clash with modern values can cause difficulties, but is tearing down history the answer?

Sheep family

Chris Kelly said that a female vet was ‘equivalent to two-fifths’ of a male counterpart

Canada flag

Cape Breton University’s board denies departure is related to specific terms of the agreement made between David Wheeler and the faculty union