Management and governance

Curvy road ahead sign

Scholar claims she was pressured to sign up to Higher Education Academy and did so without correct documents

Hotel ICON

Leader of Hong Kong Polytechnic University says institution ‘cannot think of itself as an isolated island’


Sector leader says the UK can offer insights into higher education’s role in regional growth strategies

Labour peer calls for funding council intervention on Glynis Breakwell’s salary

Subra Suresh

The former president of Carnegie Mellon University will lead the Singaporean institution from 2018

Storm clouds

Round table discusses challenges of changing job market and political instability

Thorns and butterflies

Conditions that undermine the notion of scholarly vocation – relentless work, ubiquitous bureaucracy – can cause academics acute distress and spur them to quit, says Ruth Barcan

Superman at security control

Expanding university enrolment across the world has resulted in universities ‘imitating each other’, says leading scholar

japan, japanese,

Futao Huang says that calls for Japan’s national universities to adopt more marketised leadership strategies have so far gone unheeded

Arizona State University

Arizona State University’s Michael Crow was the highest-earning leader in 2015-16

Jo Johnson smiling

Jo Johnson takes aim at Southampton’s leader in outspoken attack on ‘sharp increase’ in salaries

Grenfell Tower fire

Several student accommodation blocks have been discovered with flammable cladding

Peter Salovey

The inventor of the concept of emotional intelligence explains how the idea can be built into the culture of universities

crashed skier

UK universities’ complacency in the good times has left them ill-equipped to respond to falling postgraduate master’s enrolment, says Michelle Morgan

teacher and pupils

The sweatshop conditions in which sessional academics work in Australia mirror the treatment of schoolteachers in Victorian times, say Hannah Forsyth and Jedidiah Evans 

King Arthur sword in the stone

President of proposed new engineering institution wants to use egalitarian management ethos of King Arthur ahead of its launch in 2020

THELMA winners 2017

University of West London wins top honour as Strathclyde and Gloucestershire take home two prizes each

Hostile cat

Forty-one per cent of respondents to ACE survey describe political climate as ‘hostile’ to higher education

Prize vegetables

Hefce tells English universities that confidentiality agreements should be ‘the exception rather than the norm’

The wild variations in the proportions of top grades awarded by different departments and universities must be addressed, says Bernard Rivers