Management and governance

anarchy sign painted on statue

Leading scholar says many countries have ‘neither the will nor the capacity’ to manage growth

Governance, management

Universities in the UK have developed a range of different approaches to governance, and there’s no sign that the trend will stop, says Michael Shattock

Ebola doctor with child

Conducting clinical trials during an epidemic for the first time, researchers fast-tracked the creation of a vaccine for Ebola, but not before 11,000 people had died

MIT classroom

‘If we don’t know how we learn, how on earth do we know how to teach?’ says L. Rafael Reif, who tells Ellie Bothwell how the research giant is working to improve teaching practice

South Sudan opinion

South Sudan may be racked by famine, civil war and corruption, but the probity and effectiveness of its largely Western-educated vice-chancellors are providing the rest of the public sector with considerable food for thought, says Kuyok Abol Kuyok

Building a bridge

Universities should consider building ‘families’ of schools and colleges to facilitate easy transfer between different levels of education, says David Phoenix

University of California, Berkeley

Former Smith College president set to succeed Nicholas Dirks

Male/female gender symbols drawn in chalk

Institutions with ideas for promoting gender equality should not keep them to themselves, says Kate Williams

opinion illustration

Discriminating in hiring practice against particular intellectual perspectives is no less sinister than discriminating against particular political persuasions, says Glenn Geher

Woman pulling blind down over an eye
Liz Morrish reflects on why she chose to tackle the failings of the neoliberal academy from the outside
Two men facing each other on a bench

But Cambridge head warns that perceived isolation from neighbours is ‘biggest challenge’

Marcus Butt illustration (23 February 2017)

Like cricket, academia needs specialists, and revised calendars and tech will show teachers belong in the top order, says Merlin Crossley

crossing in Hong Kong

University of Hong Kong v-c denies he is ‘heading for a simple life’ as the next head of the University of Edinburgh

Miles Cole illustration (16 February 2017)

Applying lean principles can help universities find quick, creative solutions to pressing problems, says Madison Sandy

Puppet, control, strings, freedom

Toby Miller on the lessons that other countries could teach universities in the UK

Eleanor Shakespeare illustration (2 February 2017)

Female academics’ feedback on issues such as ‘acceptable’ norms reveals a sector far from its ideals, say Laurie Cohen and Jo Duberley

Man by fence in Ukraine

Institutions displaced by war in the country’s east have relocated campuses and adopted distance learning techniques to continue teaching. Hilary Lamb reports


Sir David Bell’s review says the ECU, HEA and LFHE should become one body by September

Academic Caesar

Steve Fuller on the need for leaders who can make the radical decisions necessary to survive existential threats both internal and external

Donald Trump and US flag montage

John Morgan considers the impact on students and US scholars, and the political earthquake’s potential positives