Management and governance

Golf: the long game

As tactics to maximise rankings become common knowledge and fluctuation diminishes, universities will re-focus on a diversifying array of missions, says Merlin Crossley

An illustration of three dodos in a classroom

With overcrowded lecture theatres the norm in undergraduate education today, online delivery has entirely replaced lectures and seminars in some institutions. So where to in the coming decade? Warren Bebbington outlines a survival strategy for the increasingly unaffordable traditional university

Nate Kitch illustration (20 April 2017)

The work of 500 scientists transformed the 20th century. Universities and funders must do more to make certain that the flow of groundbreaking discoveries continues, says Donald Braben 

Washing up

Government concessions needed ‘if it is not to lose its bill’, senior Labour peer warns

Eleanor Shakespeare illustration (13 April 2017)

It's not just about papers. Running a university in Papua New Guinea has cast academic impact in a more exotic light for John Warren

A face made of numbers looks over a university campus

From personalising tuition to performance management, the use of data is increasingly driving how institutions operate

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The decline of a once-lucrative indoor market shows how job losses at Heriot-Watt could signal big trouble ahead for the sector, says Helga Drummond

Donald Trump holding mask of his own face

US academics might find a warm word for the president if he forces universities to become financially disciplined and sustainable, say Jose Garcia, Don Barwick and Joseph Garcia

Man with a flower for a head

As the THE Young University Rankings 2017 highlight rising stars, Jack Grove looks at six institutions – recently launched or still in the planning stages – built on bold notions and innovative approaches

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Three-quarters of respondents are dissatisfied with the people running their institutions

Canal houses, Amsterdam, Netherlands

All three of England’s for-profit universities owned in Netherlands

Campus der Technischen Universität Chemnitz am Abend

Universities must play a major part in the emergence of the new technical education sector envisaged in the chancellor’s recent Budget, says Andy Westwood

Automation has the potential to replace or alter 35 million jobs worldwide, which means universities must adapt to survive, argues Nancy Gleason


Union calls for universities to remove barriers to peaceful protest

anarchy sign painted on statue

Leading scholar says many countries have ‘neither the will nor the capacity’ to manage growth

Governance, management

Universities in the UK have developed a range of different approaches to governance, and there’s no sign that the trend will stop, says Michael Shattock

Ebola doctor with child

Conducting clinical trials during an epidemic for the first time, researchers fast-tracked the creation of a vaccine for Ebola, but not before 11,000 people had died

MIT classroom

‘If we don’t know how we learn, how on earth do we know how to teach?’ says L. Rafael Reif, who tells Ellie Bothwell how the research giant is working to improve teaching practice

South Sudan opinion

South Sudan may be racked by famine, civil war and corruption, but the probity and effectiveness of its largely Western-educated vice-chancellors are providing the rest of the public sector with considerable food for thought, says Kuyok Abol Kuyok

Building a bridge

Universities should consider building ‘families’ of schools and colleges to facilitate easy transfer between different levels of education, says David Phoenix