Management and governance

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John Morgan considers the impact on students and US scholars, and the political earthquake’s potential positives

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Number of first-year students from India, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria all down
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Average cost of remunerating v-cs in group rose by 6 per cent last year but salaries still lag those in top US and Australian universities

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From respect and metrics to mistakes and biscuits, management scholar John Hendry offers advice

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Although the term still resonates with scholars, it means less and less in today’s academy, says Bruce Macfarlane

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Leading higher education scholar warns that the sector will ‘shut down’ if institutions do not report their value

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To help manage their expanding activities, institutions require new corporate leadership personnel, Sarah Shaw says

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Buildings and statues dedicated to people whose views clash with modern values can cause difficulties, but is tearing down history the answer?

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For the first time, says the UK’s universities minister Jo Johnson, academic freedom and institutional autonomy will be enshrined in UK law

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Chris Kelly said that a female vet was ‘equivalent to two-fifths’ of a male counterpart

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Cape Breton University’s board denies departure is related to specific terms of the agreement made between David Wheeler and the faculty union  

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Provost says institution 'must do better' as independent researchers find focus on excellence has had 'negative impact' alongside top results

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Simon Gaskell and Adrian Collette explain why proper engagement is an important driver of institutional performance, teaching and research

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Conservative, Labour and crossbench peers all join criticism in House of Lords

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An independent investigation is reviewing David Wheeler’s conduct during staff negotiations 

John Aubrey Douglass speaking at THE BRICS & Emerging Economies Universties Summit

Berkeley academic also tells THE event that government initiatives have little influence on the quality of universities

Scottish Parliament

The rector of the University of Antwerp says elite institutions are more focused on themselves than the role of higher education

Change direction

If the government won’t demonstrate the value and importance of university, then vice-chancellors need to step up and do it, say Paul Woodgates and Mike Boxall

Rianne Letschert, Maastricht University

New rector warns against drawing students only from elite and making academics 'sheep with five feet'

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PA Consulting survey finds vice-chancellors worrying over ‘barrage’ of policy changes that will lead to ‘golden age’ of stability being lost