General election 2017

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Pam Tatlow finds a lively political conference buoyed by talk of abolishing tuition fees

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Critics of vice-chancellor pay levels have a point, and universities need to acknowledge that, says Gordon McKenzie

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The election of President Trump and Brexit have created a perception that the US and UK no longer welcome international student mobility, say Aldwyn Cooper and Marguerite Dennis

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Shadow HE minister Gordon Marsden believes that the current approach to tuition fees could end up punishing not only students, but whole communities

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It is time to revisit the idea of a graduate tax, argues Andy Green

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Vice-chancellor and chief executive of the University of Worcester, David Green, offers his thoughts on the HE landscape post-election, and what needs to change

John Curtice

Strathclyde professor ‘relieved’ exit poll’s prediction that Conservatives would fail to win majority in UK general election was proved correct

Theresa May

John Morgan looks at how the PM’s woes may have beneficial side-effects

Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of Britain's opposition Labour Party, poses for selfies at a campaign event in Leeds, May 10, 2017

Party figures warn vice-chancellors not to ignore public anger over tuition fees

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For the good of the country, ministers must now look at their stance on international students and tuition fees, writes Pam Tatlow

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Decision made by Department for Education amid uncertainty following UK general election

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Duncan Ross looks back at Times Higher Education’s predictions of how students could swing the general election

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Since the Labour leadership contests, students have been building their political influence, says Tom Cutterham 

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Nick Hillman looks at the implications of the election result for the university sector, and finds a small slither of silver lining

Houses of Parliament at night

News and analysis as Conservative Party fails to win an overall majority in the general election

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn on stage at conference

Conservatives remain largest party in hung Parliament


Italian academic says biometric testing could reveal 'secrets of the mind' of potentially lying voters

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Greater outreach by scientists could ramp up demand for politicians with better scientific training, says David Berman

University of Oxford

And, if so, does it matter where they studied and what subject they specialised in?

Matthew Brazier illustration (8 June 2017)

UK universities could curry much more political favour if they adopted a more constructive and pragmatic tone, says Sir David Bell