General election 2017

Sarah Olney, the Lib Dem education spokeswoman, on her party’s vision for higher education 

Gordon Marsden, Labour Party

Labour Party will also ensure that students currently at university will not have to pay tuition for their remaining years, says shadow HE minister Gordon Marsden

Labour party supporters

Labour MP and Corbyn critic Wes Streeting poses question of whether ‘bold’ pledge will boost student turnout

Theresa May

Baroness Wolf welcomes manifesto promise of ‘major review’ while others attack ‘crazy’ overseas student policy

Spoiled child illustration

Vice-chancellors need to be less demanding and more collaborative and constructive if they want concessions from the government on issues such as immigration, says Lord Lucas

Jeremy Corbyn

John Morgan looks at the detail behind Jeremy Corbyn's manifesto pledges

Jeremy Corbyn

John Morgan looks at errors and inadequacies in leaked plans for higher education

canvass for votes

UK institutions’ local role may be route to influence, sector experts suggest

Jeremy Corbyn supporters
Labour has backing from 55 per cent in survey, while Lib Dems lag behind Tories after fees trauma
Ballot box
A THE survey is seeking the views of UK higher education employees on the upcoming election
Labour placard

John Morgan looks at the political rewards and risks for Labour on student and sector funding

Liberal Democrats sign

Vince Cable and Julian Huppert back party to overtake Labour in ‘university seats’

Houses of Parliament, Westminster

Government deal with opposition clears path to pass bill ahead of election

Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

John Morgan looks at reports PM may ‘soften’ stance on students and net migration figures 

Washing up

Government concessions needed ‘if it is not to lose its bill’, senior Labour peer warns

Theresa May entering 10 Downing Street, London

Some aspects of university reform – including parts of the TEF – could ‘turn to dust’, says Nick Hillman

John Morgan looks at how the HE Bill's future, the impact of Brexit and Labour's fee plans are all election issues for universities