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Kate Sang on how fear of embarrassment and perceived lack of professionalism are impacting academics' lives

National University of Ireland, Galway

Female lecturers allegedly under pressure to settle legal action after university’s equality charter application rejected

Jon Krause illustration (5 October 2017)
Obama-era overreaction to HE ‘rape culture’ obstructed justice
Indian prison bars

Investigation launched after police attending mass student protest in Varanasi seen to be beating women with sticks

How one Nobel winner instilled belief in Erika Mancini

Engineers in workshop

UMBC president calls for shift in institutional culture at Times Higher Education forum

Nobel laureates

Some researchers worry that lack of female laureates devalues prestigious awards

Women walking past mans legs

Despite their scientific achievements, women account for only 5% of Nobel prize-winners. It diminishes them – and the award, says John Gill

Eleanor Shakespeare illustration (28 September 2017)

Greater efforts must be made to ensure women aren’t overlooked – and to redress past failings, says Janet Shibley Hyde

Japanese metro

Figures from Education at a Glance show that only in Spain and Estonia can women expect a bigger financial return from university than men 

Black female scientist

Many researchers also ‘harbour unrealistic expectations’ about academic careers

Time to react protester

The whole Science and Technology Committee should be disbanded, and the process of establishing it restarted, says Dame Athene Donald

Martha Pollack

Analysis of THE World University Rankings data shows gender gap for top jobs has narrowed further

A protest sign reading "I was wearing pants + a sweater, was it my fault too?" Taken during "Slut Walk 2012" in Toronto.

Researchers argue that national data provides a powerful call to action

Crime scene

National survey finds that one in 10 female students have been attacked in past two years

indian women next to indian space shuttle

New report calls for Athena SWAN awards to be rolled out in India

carers support

Researchers with complex caring commitments are often suffering in silence, explains Marie-Pierre Moreau

Woman being silenced by hand

Treatment of engineering scholars seen as sign of hostile ‘prove it again’ attitude

women in engineering

On International Women in Engineering Day, Alice Larkin decries the slow progress on improving gender balance in her discipline

Women leaders

Higher education could learn a lot from the arts sector about recruiting senior women. Part-time roles and job-shares could be game-changers, says Joanna Read