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Figures also show that female teaching staff earned between 95 and 98 per cent of their male counterparts

Female advantage in education dubbed the ‘Martha Effect’ in Stellenbosch study

Hairy face

Male academics two and a half times more likely to speak up, as women cite lack of confidence and ‘intimidating’ speakers

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The recent downfalls of Dame Glynis Breakwell and Grace Mugabe are very different stories, but both reveal some age-old traits, says Agnieszka Piotrowska

Glass ceiling

With women still under-represented at the top levels of research, some see the rise of more explicit ‘affirmative action’ on gender becoming more common


Accounts of discrimination in Hollywood show value of ‘lived experience’, says editor of new collection

Clone women

Texas higher education commissioner expresses concern about male graduate and enrolment rates

Synchronised abseiling

Institutions that do not meet standards in areas such as gender may be ineligible for grants

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Hypermasculine men may be more likely to take part in trials, misrepresenting the male population, scientists warn

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Hollywood and Westminster have been rocked by tales of sexual assault and abuse. Is academia similarly plagued by misuse of power and sexual misconduct? Five scholars offer their views

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Elizabeth Cannon on why Canada's HE sector still has some work to do to achieve true diversity, and how universities are approaching this problem

Brazilian police

Effigy of Berkeley professor Judith Butler burned outside São Paulo conference

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Broad-brush efforts to support female and ethnic minority academics will not address ‘multidimensional inequality’, says Warwick professor

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Over the past decade, women have opened up a significant lead over men in graduation rates

National University of Ireland, Galway, Aula Maxima, Quadrangle

Four other women continue legal action against Irish university

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Penn teaching assistant claims she is 'under attack' for calling on historically marginalised groups first

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Kate Sang on how fear of embarrassment and perceived lack of professionalism are impacting academics' lives

National University of Ireland, Galway

Female lecturers allegedly under pressure to settle legal action after university’s equality charter application rejected

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Obama-era overreaction to HE ‘rape culture’ obstructed justice
Indian prison bars

Investigation launched after police attending mass student protest in Varanasi seen to be beating women with sticks