EU referendum

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All-Ireland student visa needed to cope with Brexit fallout, says v-c

University of Manchester

UCU figures on job cut plans in 2017 reveal scholars’ vulnerability in wake of Brexit and TEF

UK universities may be among the most autonomous, but they need international cooperation to make their voices heard, says Paul Boyle

Students join anti-racist campaigners from groups including Movement for Justice to march through Central London

Cap on student visas and more pressure on universities to ensure recruits are ‘genuine’ seen as potential measures

Brexit, EU referendum

Hesa figures show EU nationals make up more than a quarter of all academics at a third of mission group’s members

Felipe Fernández-Armesto takes issue with a claim that the EU has been playing the sovereignty card in Brexit negotiations

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Swiss Embassy’s head of science outlines challenges in negotiations
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Medical charity sets out demands to allow it to invest ‘confidently’

Survey of would-be undergraduates finds teaching quality is the most important factor in decision-making
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Next UK government urged to ease uncertainty threatening university sector
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European Union students enrolling next year will pay the same fees as UK students

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University’s head of Brexit strategy urges universities to apply pressure over ‘essential’ priority

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What should have been a straightforward application for leave to remain in the UK turned into a Kafkaesque nightmare for University of St Andrews’ lecturer Emily Michelson, whose research trip to Italy proved too much for visa administrators to handle

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University of Gibraltar vice-chancellor Daniella Tilbury reflects on how Brexit negotiations are awakening old insecurities

Theresa May signing Article 50 letter

John Morgan finds sector statements on ‘momentous day’ taste a little bland

EU referendum

Article 50 offers institutions across Europe the opportunity for universities to connect and engage with society, says Martin Paul

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Lack of clear strategy to keep UK in EU’s research framework is blocking new collaborative projects

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Survey reveals Paris is the most popular location among prospective recruits

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We must make it clearer to UK-based European scholars that the UK higher education sector wishes to remain open, says Sir Keith Burnett

Michael Gove, Conservative Party

Leave-supporting MP challenged in debate with King’s College London academic