EU referendum

Flags of European Union member countries

Changes to associate membership criteria could open up European research funding worldwide

Brexit from the EU

As negotiations continue on the future for EU citizens working in the UK after Brexit, these are the subjects that currently have the most international staff 

Channel ferry

Law lecturer warns that UK-EU student deal could be seen as benefit for ‘elite and middle class’

Post-Brexit university funding issues are about more than the big pots of research cash, writes Gurpreet Jagpal


The UK's ‘red line’ on free movement of labour may prevent its students from participating in the Erasmus exchange programme, says European Union law expert

Sir Mark Walport

Sir Mark Walport acknowledges ‘challenge’ of UK’s departure from European Union as sector anxiety grows

Struggling with maths

UK government ‘negligent’ to begin negotiations to leave EU without key role being filled, campaigners say

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The election of President Trump and Brexit have created a perception that the US and UK no longer welcome international student mobility, say Aldwyn Cooper and Marguerite Dennis

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Video presentations and slides from the 2017 Times Higher Education Data Symposium in London

Universities UK and the French University Presidents’ Conference aim to increase mobility and develop more joint degrees

Students protesting against Brexit

Sector figures say government proposals fail to guarantee future for academics based in the UK

Graeme Reid

Research policy expert says there is ‘no need’ for higher education to make ‘special case’ for universities during negotiations

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Royal Irish Academy survey respondents warn against hard border between North and South

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Free movement and ECJ jurisdiction seen as potential stumbling blocks at Russell Group's meeting with MEPs

Global currencies

Country’s scientists must be able to demonstrate that they can continue competing on the world stage, senior academic says

Paul Wellings

Reciprocal academic visa also among ideas under consideration by vice-chancellors

builder moving drywall

All-Ireland student visa needed to cope with Brexit fallout, says v-c

University of Manchester

UCU figures on job cut plans in 2017 reveal scholars’ vulnerability in wake of Brexit and TEF

UK universities may be among the most autonomous, but they need international cooperation to make their voices heard, says Paul Boyle

Students join anti-racist campaigners from groups including Movement for Justice to march through Central London

Cap on student visas and more pressure on universities to ensure recruits are ‘genuine’ seen as potential measures