Technology in higher education

How can higher education prepare students for jobs that do not even exist yet? asks Christina Slade

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Publication of data showing long-term graduate earnings by discipline has huge potential to improve higher education, says Jack Britton

elevator, lift

Universities should develop an ‘elevator pitch’ to promote their graduates, says Simon Ofield-Kerr

Policeman and boy wearing police costume

Terry Dray explains what other institutions can learn from Liverpool John Moores University’s recent review of career development services

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All-Ireland student visa needed to cope with Brexit fallout, says v-c

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Analysis finds new bachelor’s graduates do well in labour market, particularly those from more practically focused universities

Encouraging students to view themselves as professionals, and exposing them to entrepreneurship, are among the tools being used to improve graduate employment

University of Guelph
Universities under pressure to show value and demand for master’s and PhDs
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Medical scholar branded a ‘terrorist’ by Turkey over his alleged links to a US-based cleric is named head of an institution in Texas

Women`s football team huddle before match

Focus on skills and job readiness 'disengages' academics from issue, says HEA head

Jon Krause illustration (8 December 2016)

Martha J. Kanter on making equality of opportunity a reality for ‘the top 100 per cent’ of students

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Minority groups still not represented at professorial level by 2080, study suggests

Stained glass mural, Utah Valley University

President explains how the institution has increased enrolment and cut tuition fees as other US universities struggle with funding and recruitment

Pen writing skills list on CV/résumé

Scholars gathering to celebrate work of Gareth Williams debate contrasting visions of the future of the university

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The 150 best universities for delivering work-ready graduates

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Former Shanghai Normal University president advocates classes on extracurricular development

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Survey of Chinese employers shows UK graduates required to ‘fit back in’ to home culture

Receiving a degree

Stop worrying about the expansion of higher education and look at the positives, say Francis Green and Golo Henseke

Tunnel opening, Crossrail tunnel, Canning Town, London

Five engineers set out why engineering is part of our everyday lives and what universities can do to change the way it is taught

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Only one in 10 PhD graduates will work in academia. Institutions have to do more to ready the other nine for their careers, says a postdoctoral research fellow