Apprentice mechanics

More data collection and research will support the future development of apprenticeships, writes Stephanie Wilde

Students hugging

In our rapidly changing world focused on science and progress, the liberal arts are sometimes considered irrelevant; but they offer unique insight into who we are and where we are going


Contrary to the cultural meme, Canadian graduates in all subjects earn far more, on average, than coffee shop workers, say Ross Finnie, Richard Mueller and Arthur Sweetman

The entrepreneur and philanthropist on not going to university, student start-up mistakes and Brexit

Queen Mary University

Colin Bailey on a gamble to attend university that nearly backfired, and the institution that is academia’s ‘best-kept secret’

Sam Whitelock catching line out ball in RWC15 final

Canada and Finland also score highly in research assessing the effectiveness of education systems in 35 economies

The conservatism of Spain’s universities and employers is damaging the nation’s future, says Samuel Martín-Barbero 

Hungarian police

With the Hungarian government clamping down on universities and championing labourers over philosophers, David Matthews meets those living with the consequences

Asia map

In the last two decades the number of mainland students going abroad to study has increased more than twentyfold, but what does this mean for employment, asks Ka Ho Mok

Measured degree

It has long been claimed that critical thinking ability sets graduates apart. But are universities really preparing students for the modern workplace? David Matthews reports

Technology in higher education

How can higher education prepare students for jobs that do not even exist yet? asks Christina Slade

Dying lion

Publication of data showing long-term graduate earnings by discipline has huge potential to improve higher education, says Jack Britton

elevator, lift

Universities should develop an ‘elevator pitch’ to promote their graduates, says Simon Ofield-Kerr

Policeman and boy wearing police costume

Terry Dray explains what other institutions can learn from Liverpool John Moores University’s recent review of career development services

builder moving drywall

All-Ireland student visa needed to cope with Brexit fallout, says v-c

cutting hair with giant scissors

Analysis finds new bachelor’s graduates do well in labour market, particularly those from more practically focused universities

Encouraging students to view themselves as professionals, and exposing them to entrepreneurship, are among the tools being used to improve graduate employment

University of Guelph
Universities under pressure to show value and demand for master’s and PhDs
Turkish flag

Medical scholar branded a ‘terrorist’ by Turkey over his alleged links to a US-based cleric is named head of an institution in Texas

Women`s football team huddle before match

Focus on skills and job readiness 'disengages' academics from issue, says HEA head