Simon Armitage

The Oxford professor of poetry on returning to ‘exotic’ Leeds, why he’s glad he didn’t study English at university, and the future of literature

Pregnant art

Exhibition showcasing stories of infertility across the ages – involving suspended uteruses and frogs – is part of the Being Human festival

Barbara Matthews

NTU pro v-c talks about finding out who you are at university, leading a stellar theatre company and why Nottingham should be European Capital of Culture

Stanford Memorial Church

Peking University joins the top 20 of the Times Higher Education subject table for the first time

Bob Marley

Pop songs tend to depict higher education as exclusive and oppressive, finds study

The Hound and Arya Game of Thrones

‘Network science’ may help to predict the plot twists in iconic television series, researcher claims

Jane and Louise Wilson

Newcastle fine art posts for duo who specialise in ‘places with dark and complex histories’

Generic courses may not be equipping students with much-needed skills, says British Film Institute

Person in Frankenstein costume

Academics shine light on contemporary research themes in classic book

Outgoing president says the arts are more important than ever in these troubled times

Lake Tahoe fire sign

Health and environmental agencies face savage reductions as defence spending soars

Neglected works set to be broadcast on BBC Radio 3

Periodicals need to think through the issues around film-based submissions, says professor

The creative principles that inspire art students can be equally relevant to schools

Yale-NUS College sign

Pericles Lewis, founding president of Yale-NUS college, on a turbulent time for the liberal arts

Agnieszka Piotrowska and collaborators on the set of Escape

Film director Agnieszka Piotrowska’s new book details the challenges of working in the southern African country

PhD, doctorate

UK universities can now ‘feel confident’ in recruiting postgraduate students for 2017-18, says RCUK chair

Sizwesandile Mnisi and the rest of the cast of The Fall.

A trip to the theatre prompts Martin Hall to think afresh about the demonstrations gripping his country’s campuses


Academics and leading figures from London’s rich cultural scene offer their insights to those running major arts organisations around the world

Matthew Reisz offers his tribute to a true polymath