Peru builds closer scientific links with Europe

Meeting should help develop scientific networks between the nation and European partners

October 18, 2017
Source: istock
By joining forces with Euopean researchers, Peru hopes to shine brighter as a scientific nation

Peruvian scientists working in Europe met to develop scientific links between their nation and European partners.

Organised by a group of young Peruvian scientists led by Abel Alcázar of Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, Sinapsis 2017, the second meeting of Peruvian scientists in Europe, took place at the Technical University of Berlin earlier this month.

It brought together 100 Peruvian scientists residing in Europe with European scientists working on projects related to Peru.

The event was supported by Peru’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its embassy in Germany, and featured presentations by leading scientists in fields ranging from laser technology to the hereditary factors behind cancer.

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