April 4, 1997

University of Ulster Charities Professor A. Adair, £77,173 from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (private investment finance); Professor D. Hirst, £28,959 from Ulster Cancer Foundation (tumour oxygenation); Dr D. Wilson, £220,673 from the Understanding Conflict Trust (community relations project); Professor C. Boreham, £207,076 from the British Heart Foundation (cardiovascular risk factors);

Dr R. Anderson, £64,811 from the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (flicker resolution); Dr K. Day, £49,309 from the Leverhulme Trust (defoliating insects); Professor D. Hirst, £25,852 from the Cancer Research Campaign (mechanism of action of radiosensitiser nicotinamide); Professor S. Downes, £25,000 from the Ulster Cancer Foundation (DNA cycle controls).

Research contracts Professor N. Brown, £300,000 from Industrial Research & Technology Unit and £150,000 from Seagate Technology, Ireland, (industrial technology project - consortium magnetic media programme); Dr E. Curran, £211,850 from IRTU (IT software programme); Dr B. Hannigan, £108,450 from Joint Information Systems Commission (electronic peer review process); Professor R. Harrison, £69,280 from Department of Trade and Industry and £78,000 from Old Bushmills Distillery Co Ltd (teaching company scheme); Professor J. Dunn, £64,1 from the Aspen Institute (peace conflict resolution) and £57,614 from Positive Ethos Trust (promoting schools project) and £50,000 from US Information Agency (Fordham workshop on conflict resolution) and £44,705 from Positive Ethos Trust (promoting schools project); Mrs T. Scott, £60,620 from DTI and £34,000 from Swiftsoft Computers Ltd (teaching company programme); Professor S. Parkinson, £24,500 from the Marketing Council (service industries); Professor S. Downes, £263,599 from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries (DNA replication); Mr J. McCrum, £80,120 from the DTI with Thermomax Ltd (teaching company programme); Dr J. Cooper, £73,262 from the Department of the Environment Rivers Agency (environmental monitoring); Dr M. Chambers, £44,499 from the Department of Health and Social Security (targetting health and social need).

Research grants Professor B. Norton, £141,660 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (building facades); Professor J. Shields, £206,397 from EPSRC (fire exposure conditions).

European funds Professor J. McMullan, £133,604 from the European Commission (non-nuclear energy - coal-fired utility boilers); Professor C. Downes, £96,673 from the Copernicus programme (cell transformation); Professor R. Harrison, £62,592 from the commission's targeted socioeconomic research (universities, technology transfer and spin-off activities: academic entrepreneurship in different types of European region); Dr A. Gray, £55,179 from Europlan Regional Development Scheme and £18,392 from Central Community Relations Unit (public appointments); Professor S. MacMathuna, £48,000 from Commission Lingua (an interactive multimedia package of Irish language learning/reading materials); Professor N. Black, £32,258 from the Commission (Alfa bomedical engineering training action); Dr G. Patterson, £24,000 from the Commission (Trans-European Networks: fashion NET/TEMIN); Dr T. McGinnity, £299,321 from the Committee of the EC Esprit programme (system level development toolchain); Professor S. McClean, £176,000 from CEC ESPRIT (distributed databases); Dr K. Day, £160,739 from CEC FAIR (forest protection); Professor S. MacMathuna, £43,200 from CEC Lingua (Irish language learning); Dr G. Parr, £30,769 from CEC Telematics (citizens' advisory systems); Professor B. Norton, £23,286 from CEC Altener (renewable energy) and £22,222 from CEC Inco (resource management and environmental education).

Robert Gordon University Research contracts School of computer and mathematical science, £110,000 from the IT division of the Union Bank of Switzerland (project into the classification of information on the World Wide Web).

Research grants Dr S. Craw, £180,000 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (project to ease the development of expert systems, a type of knowledge-based computer program).

European funds School of electronic and electrical engineering, from the European Commission £135,000 as part of an iinternational consortium including universities and industrial organisations (integrated small industries goal-directed high technology training).

University of Keele Charities The David Bruce Centre for American Studies has received a bequest of £400,000 from the Evangeline B. Bruce Trust in the United States to establish aformal structure of researchawards in American studies and also to enable the university to build up a collection of research materials.

Research Contracts £3.6 million has been awarded to the university and CERAM Research under the Postgraduate Training Partnership Scheme by the Department of Trade and Industry and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, to create 38 graduate studentships on a project entitled The Processing of Particulate Materials.

Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education Professor A. Charlton, £39,670 from the Economic and Social Research Council (study on the effects of broadcast television on the children of St Helena, monitoring behaviour).

Coventry University Dr P. Moss and H. Crossen-White, £125,000 from the West Midlands Regional Office of the NHS Executive (collaborative venture with the universities of York and Plymouth) (project to review the rise in emergency hospital admissions and examine how best it can be managed).

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