May 29, 1998

University of Birmingham

Research grants

Dr A. Coulson, Pounds 93,534 from the Economic and Social Research Council (OB approach to client/contractor relationships in British local authorities); Dr N. Rowson, Pounds 31,9 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (electroenzyme reactor for recovery of platinum group metals from aqueous solution); Dr J. Farr and Professor I. Harris, Pounds 46,938 from EPSRC (electroenzyme reactor for recovery of platinum group metals from aqueous solution); Dr P. Bate, Pounds 88,405 from EPSRC (development of manufacturing processes for components in gamma titanium aluminide); Professor D. Kerr, Pounds 43,579 from the Medical Research Council (virus directed enzyme prodrug therapy with E.coli nitroreductase and CB1954); Dr P. Shields and D. Adams, Pounds 103,745 from MRC (do functional T lymphocyte subsets determine chronicity and response to antiviral therapy in patients with hepatitis C); Dr P. Stewart, Pounds 796,877 from MRC (glococorticoid and mineralocorticoid hormone action pivitol role of 11 hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase); Dr J. Cole, Pounds 145,196 from Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (assembly of cytochrome C-dependent electron transfer chains in bacteria:

are there chaperones in the periplasm); Professor S. Busby, Pounds 168,664 from BBSRC (transcription activation of class 1 CRP-dependent promoters); Dr C. Wharton, Pounds 72,384 from BBSRC (electro-chemical modulation of biologically active patterns); Dr L. Macaskie, Pounds 107,704 from EPSRC (electroenzyme reactor for recovery of platinum group metals from aqueous solution); Professor N. Brown, Pounds 182,796 from BBSRC (combinatorial mutagenesis and domain structure of the MerR regulator of Tn501); Professor G. Humphreys, Pounds 23,365 from MRC (eye movements in neurological disorders of vision and attention); Professor A. Nienow, Pounds 205,262 from EPSRC (study of precipitation: integration of CFD modelling and experiments); Professor T. Bell, Pounds 229,856 from EPSRC (plasma surface alloying of austenitic stainless steel for enhanced wear and corrosion resistance); Dr P. Bate, Pounds 114,433 from EPSRC (nucleation of recrystallisation at prior grain boundaries in aluminium); Dr A. Wing, Pounds 696,829 from MRC (perception and action: movement control);

Professor J. Tann, Pounds 54,628 from ESRC (innovative management in single and related product companies); Mr S. Rogers, Pounds 30,000 from ESRC via University of Strathclyde (bridging the academic practitioner divide); Professor S. Sen, Pounds 29,840 from ESRC via University of Surrey (political economy of the arms trade); Dr A. Lyddiatt, Pounds 223,280 from BBSRC (novel gene therapy); Dr S. Fararooy, Pounds 0,289 from EPSRC (RCM2 for railways: level-crossing barrier system case study); Drs N. Mills and A. Gilchrist, Pounds 136,784 from EPSRC (mechanical properties of foams for finite element modelling of vehicle occupant protection); Dr M. Aindow, Pounds 61,177 from EPSRC (structural studies of hetrophase interfaces in titanium alloys); Professor I. Harris, Drs A. Williams and J. Farr, Pounds 130,698 from EPSRC (production of corrosion resistant high energy product Nd-Fe-B magnets); Dr J. Hay, Pounds 116,831 from EPSRC (controllable permselective membranes using liquid crystalline materials); Professors J. Knott and P. Bowen, Pounds 79,502 from EPSRC (statistical analysis of brittle and ductile fracture processes in steels); Dr M Jacobs, Pounds 104,804 from EPSRC (modelling of secondary melting for process control:

simulation of microstructure for improved performance); Professor J. Campbell, Pounds 73,376 from EPSRC (advanced filling systems for castings); Professor M. Loretto, Pounds 90,713 from EPSRC (direct laser fabrication of near net shape Ti and Ti-Al based components); Professor N. Bowery, Pounds 111,112 from MRC (GABAb receptor function and long-term potentiation in the genetic absence epilepsy rats from Strasbourg); Professor J. Jefferys, Pounds 38,416 from MRC (functional phenotype in transgenic mice expressing mutant and wild type human presenilin) and Pounds 38,082 from MRC (temporal structure of neuronal discharges during physiological oscillations in hippocampal slices in vitro); Dr J. Woodward and Professor J. Owen, Pounds 84,019 from MRC (study of extrathmic T-lymphocyte development in murine intestinal epithelium in vitro); Professor I. Maclennan and Dr C. Garcia de Vinuesa, Pounds 94,901 from MRC (studies on the cellular basis of antibody responses to bacterial cell wall lipopolysaccharides); Professor P. Bacon and Drs E. Amft and C. Buckley, Pounds 105,432 from MRC (dysregulated signalling and ahesion in T lymphocytes in chronic inflammatory immune diseases); Dr A. Smith, Pounds 59,997 from MRC (dental pulp repair angiogenesis and growth factors); and Pounds 73,377 from EPSRC (a novel alginate growth factor hydrogel for dental tissue wound healing);

Dr J. Chipman, Pounds 31,796 from NERC (promoter sequence isolation to aid study and monitoring of pollutant-induced induction); Dr C. Wharton, Pounds 120,168 from BBSRC (micro stopped-flow and flash kinetic infrared spectroscopy of reacting systems); Drs C. Greaves and P. Anderson, Pounds 170,561 from EPSRC (synthesis and characterisation of new materials exhibiting GMR and ferrimagnetic properties); Dr J. Hriljac and Professors K. Harris and P. Edwards, Pounds 177,507 from EPSRC (high resolution powder X-ray diffraction at non-ambient temperatures); Professor P. Knowles, Pounds 78,679 from EPSRC (electron correlation in real space); Professor K. Harris, Pounds 145,269 from EPSRC (new direct space approaches for structure determination of materials from powder diffraction data); Dr G. Boons, Pounds 146,061 from EPSRC (preparation and evaluation of high affinity multivalent carbohydrate libraries); Dr S. Peacock and Professor C. Westbrook, Pounds 35,880 from NERC (fluid pressure and stress in the North Barbados ridge accretionary complex - applying density and structure constraints from logging while drilling);

Professor J. Blake, Pounds 111,904 from EPSRC (newer developments in models of acoustic cavitation and sonoluminescence); Dr A. Mackenzie, Pounds 50,396 from EPSRC (effect of temperature, disorder and anisotropy on the metallic state in layered perovskite oxides); Professor R. Palmer, Drs L. Siller and K. Kolasinsinki, Pounds 339,852 from EPSRC (ultrafast surface photochemistry in the VUV); Professor R. Harrison, Pounds 104,408 from NERC (formation and dynamics of ultrafine particles in the urban atmosphere) and Pounds 31,852 from NERC (development of critical level methodologies for toxic metals in soils and surface waters).

European funds

Professor G. Westbrook, Pounds 63,258 from the Commission of the EC (TMR fellowship); Professor E. Taylor, Pounds 166,154 from the Commission (investigation and quantification of the stress associated with accumulation of carbon dioxide in eel farms with recirculating water); Professor P. Knowles, Pounds 81,250 from Commission (potential energy surfaces for molecular spectroscopy and dynamics); - to be continued

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