March 6, 1998

University of Birmingham


Professor E. Maher, Pounds 58,905 from the Wellcome Trust (molecular pathology of Beckwith-Wiedemann); Professor S. Busby and Dr S. Minchin, Pounds 176,308 from the Wellcome Trust (promoter recognition by E.coli RNA polymerase investigation of functional domains); Professor L. Young, Pounds 35,614 from Cancer Research Campaign (cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses to the oncoproteins of human papillomavirus 16); Professor A. Rickinson and Dr S. Lee, Pounds 100,986 from CRC (cytotoxic T cell targeting of Epstein-Barr virus positive malignancies processing and recognition of viral target antigens); Dr J. Lord, Pounds 53,835 from Leukaemia Research Fund (identification of protein kinases interacting with nuclear lamins at mitosis and during apoptosis and their role in lamina disassembly in HL60 cells); Dr D. Kerr, Pounds 61,758 from CRC (core support clinical oncology); Professor P. Bacon, Drs S. Young, T. Southwood, S. Bowman and C. Gordon, Pounds 246,477 from Arthritis and Rheumatism Council (integrated clinical arthritis centre award); Professor E. Maher, Pounds 40,390 from Action Research (clinical and molecular genetic study of Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome and IGF2 overgrowth disorders); Professor N. Bowery, Pounds 110,136 from ARC (5-HT release and its influence on primary afferent transmitter release in spinal cord during chronic inflammation);

Professor J. Coote, Pounds 71,520 from Leverhulme Trust (use of early gene technology to identify functional cardiovascular pathways); Professor A. Taylor, Pounds 84,894 from the Wellcome Trust (molecular basis of the phenotypic variations in ataxia telangiectasia); Professor A. Rickinson, Pounds 44,460 from CRC (tabletop ultracentrifuge and rotors contribution to equipment) and Pounds 92,140 from CRC (Epstein-Barr virus infections of B lymphocytes and pathogenesis of Burkitt's lymphoma); Professor J. Gordon, Pounds 35,022 from the Wellcome Trust (role of CD5 + CD23 + lymphocyte subsets in humans); Dr A. Logan, Pounds 100,702 from International Spinal Research Trust (regeneration in the spinal cord); Professor M. Sheppard, Pounds 196,442 STFUBHT (expression of fas and fas ligand in liver); Dr M. Kilby, Pounds 33,096 from Tommy's Campaign (prenatal programming of lipoprotein metabolism and effects on vascular adhesion molecule expression in intrauterine growth restriction); Professor J. Heath, Pounds 55,758 from CRC (studentship - growth factors); Professor I. Trayer, Pounds 53,908 from the Wellcome Trust (structural and functional studies on the human cardiac troponin complex); Professor J. Heath, Pounds 177,578 from CRC (structure and function of embryonic growth factors); Drs C. Savage and J. Winer, Pounds 93,394 from the Wellcome Trust (role of T lymphocites in the pathogenesis of Guillain Barre Syndrome);

Professor P. Gallimore, Pounds 211,951 from CRC (study of AD12 oncogenesis and the roles played by oncogenes and tumour suppressor genes in DNA tumour viruses); Dr D. Adams, Pounds 101,080 from the Wellcome Trust (characterisation of novel endothelial adhesion molecules expressed by human hepatic endothelium); Drs M. Eggo and A. Logan, Pounds 114,160 from the Wellcome Trust (aberrant thyroid growth in man; the role of fibroblast growth factors 1 and 2); Dr S. Limbrey, Pounds 184,515 from English Heritage (ancient history and archaeology archaeobotanists); Professor J. Tann, Pounds 91,740 from Leverhulme Trust (dilemmas of a maturing technology); Dr A. Murie, Pounds 25,000 from Bournville Village Trust (conurbation 50 years on); Dr G. Nash, Pounds 55,970 from Leverhulme Trust (low-based in vitro models of inflammatory processes in vascular disease); Dr A. Ahmed and Professor M. Whittle, Pounds 24,000 from the Wellcome Trust (functional characterisation and cellular localisation of a novel angiogenic growth factor in human placenta); Dr A. Taylor and Professor A. Rickinson, Pounds 139,815 from CRC (genes involved in the predisposition to some human cancers);

Dr L. Seymour, Pounds 28,285 from CRC (polymer-based gene delivery system); Dr H. Earl, Pounds 41,132 from CRC (randomised trial of CMF versus sequential doxorubicin followed by CMF in women receiving adjuvant chemotherapy for early breast cancer); Professor P. Bacon and Dr T. Southwood, Pounds 90,355 from ARC (pathogenesis of chronic arthritis in children); Dr K. Cheng, Pounds 135,046 from UK Co-ordinating Committee on Cancer Research (UK childhood cancer study); Dr A. Strain, Pounds 189,859 from Children's Liver Disease Foundation (investigation of a bio-artificial liver model utilising primary human liver cells); Drs B. Leadbetter and M. Callow, Pounds 59,169 from Leverhulme Trust (development of a phosphorus microsensor for environmental science research); Dr E. Williams, Pounds 28,565 from the Nuffield Foundation (games for the girls - the impact of recent policy on the provisions of physical education and sporting opportunities); Dr M. Lacey, Pounds 155,653 from the Wellcome Trust (site of action and functional role of Dopamine in the rat subthalamic nucleus); Professor J. Marshall, Pounds 118,055 from British Heart Foundation (vascular effects of oxygen free radicals in systemic hypoxia); Professor J. Jefferys, Pounds 537,318 from the Wellcome Trust (cellular mechanisms of network oscillations in normal and chronically epileptic brains);

Dr J. Wilde, Pounds 23,134 from STFUBHT (Epstein-Barr virus infections in immuno-compromised patients); Dr F. Berditchevski, Pounds 59,142 from CRC (functions of the integrin/tetraspan protein complex in tumour cell invasion); Professor D. Kerr, Pounds 322,387 from CRC (trials unit core funding); Dr J. Mann, Pounds 33,160 from STFUBHT (research fellow to W. Midlands regional children's tumour registry) and Pounds 24,0 from STFUBHT (molecular biology with special emphasis on paediatric cancer biology); Dr G. Niedobitek, Pounds 24,991 from STFUBHT (investigations into the clonal origin of Hodgkin and Reed-Sternberg cells); Dr M. Lancaster, Pounds 35,974 from Nuffield Foundation (science research fellowship); Professor J. Coote, Pounds 416,162 from the Wellcome Trust (study of modelling T cells and circuits in hippocampal CA3 region); Dr G. Nash, Pounds 100,433 from the Wellcome Trust (circulatory and cellular rheological factors influencing formation and stabilisation of adhesion between leucocytes and the vessel wall); Dr P. Kumar, Pounds 41,928 from the Wellcome Trust (plasticity of peripheral chemosensitivity: a novel neutromodulatory role for adenosine in the carotid body);

Dr P. Lane and Professor I. Maclennan, Pounds 229,346 from the Wellcome Trust (regulation of CD4+Tcell function by B7 ligand and CD40 interactions); Drs D. Adu and J. Michael, Pounds 94,073 from STFUBHT (antibodies to myeloperoxidase in the pathogenesis of vasculitis); Professor A. Barnett and Dr S. Kumar, Pounds 42,291 from the Wellcome Trust (central obesity and the metabolic syndrome; role of sex steroids cortisol and their metabolism by adipocytes); Professor A. Sinclaire, Pounds 44,499 from British Diabetic Association (informal carers of older diabetic adults from different ethnic backgrounds); Drs A. Smith and J. Matthews, Pounds 33,912 from the Wellcome Trust (new biological approach to dental tissue repair); Professor G. Humphreys and Dr A. Olson, Pounds 101,917 from the Wellcome Trust (visual word recognition: a cognitive neuroscience approach); Professor A. Murie, Pounds 29,900 from Joseph Rowntree Foundation (local maintenance initiatives for home owners) and Pounds 23,770 from JRF (local housing companies); Professor T. King, Pounds 25,000 Anonymous (Piezo-ceramic actuator study/ development); Dr C. Davies, Pounds 25,500 Anonymous (microstructural-mechanical property assessment in weed thermal cycle simulated zones)

to be continued

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