PwCPwC joins the World Summit Series as a global partner

PwC joins the World Summit Series as a global partner

Addressing the challenges and opportunities facing colleges and universities around the world

Times Higher Education is delighted to announce that PwC Middle East has joined the THE World Summit Series as a global partner.

PwC’s Global Education & Skills Network helps higher education institutions around the world address their wide-ranging challenges and opportunities. Its expertise will complement sessions at THE’s global events, including the THE World Academic Summit, Leadership & Management Summit, Teaching Excellence Summit, Emerging Economies Summit, THE Arab University Rankings Forum and the Climate Impact Forum.

As part of PwC's global partnership with THE, it has produced a series of roundtable discussions about how universities can support leadership to innovate. These sessions included experts from industry and academia in the Middle East, Africa, Australia and Singapore.

Find out more about PwC’s work in the higher education sector.

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