November 3, 1995

CARDIFF INSTITUTE OF HIGHER EDUCATION. European funds. T. Dakin, Pounds 820,000 from the European Union (LINES, project using Internet to improve communications between college databases throughout Europe).


Research grants

Drs P. Culverhouse, M. Akhter, B. Cooper and Mr J. Pearce, Pounds 72,914 from the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council and AVX Ltd (teaching company programme); Drs R. Burns and M. Miles, Pounds 75,534 from ESPRC and Patronics International Ltd (teaching company programme); Dr H. Evans and Professor L. Ebdon, Pounds 157,813 from EPSRC and PS Analytical (teaching company programme); Mr J. Pearce, Drs E. Mingo, A. Curtis and P. Culverhouse, Pounds 70,876 from EPSRC and Britannia Soap Machinery Co (teaching company programme).

European Union

Professor K. Dyer, Dr R. Uncles (Plymouth Marine Laboratory) and C. Piccolo (Instituto Argentino de Oceanografia), Ecu77,280 (study of geomorphology, hydrography and circulation of Argentinian estuaries); Professor D. Huntley in collaboration with the University of Southampton, Ecu79,730 (coastal environments, eastern Atlantic).



Dr D. Parkin, Pounds 89,750 from The Leverhulme Trust (development of molecular probes for the genetic analysis of birds of prey); Professors Downes and Mayhew, Drs Wigmore, Pratten and Parker, Pounds 131,679 from The Wellcome Trust (confocal microscope); Dr I. Todd and Ms C. Davenport, Pounds 56,999 from British Diabetic Assocation (development of insulin-dependant diabetes: the immune recognition of glutamic acid decarboxylase defined with monoclonal antibodies and phage peptide-display libraries); Professor D. Wakelin, Pounds 52,556 from The Wellcome Trust (cytoskeleton proteins from giardia: their gene sequences, structure, interactions and antigenicity); Professors Usherwood and Bachelard, Pounds 95,587 from The Wellcome Trust (potential neuro-protective effects of polyamine amides against aluminium and zinc toxicity); Dr G. Leggett, Pounds 73,870 from The Leverhulme Trust (self-assembled monolayers: a promising basis for novel organic thin film technologies); Dr G. Sawle and Professor Morris, Pounds 55,745 from Parkinson's Disease Society (functional magnetic resonance imaging and spectoscopy in Parkinson's disease); Professor J. Carmichael, Pounds 83,717 from Cancer Research Campaign (departmental support); Drs Williams and Rees, Professor Stewart, Pounds 215,346 from The Wellcome Trust (intercellular com-munication and the regulation of gene expression in Yersinia enterocolitica).

Research contracts

Dr P. Garnsworthy and Professor P. Buttery, Pounds 93,611 from BOCM Pauls Ltd (dynamics of rumen function); Dr R. Bardsley, Pounds 114,409 from NU Probe Technologies Ltd (genetic profiling kit); Professor G. Pattenden, Pounds 78,503 from Glaxo Research and Development Fund (cascade radical processes leading to polycycle constructions); Professor D. Hull, Pounds 59,843 from Department of Health (access and availability of neonatal intensive care services); Mr A. Dawson, Pounds 97,000 from Department of Transport (LINK project on enabling the use of by-product and re-cycled aggregates and binders in pavement foundations); Professor M. Pringle, Pounds 120,000 from Department of Health (distance learning programme for quality assurance in primary care); Professors Pringle and Robinson, Pounds 191,000 from Trent Regional Health Authority (focus for the promotion of research and development in primary care); Drs Lilley, Neale and Page, Mr R Silburn, Pounds 99,938 from Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (health and diet: the construction of food choice in later life); Dr A. Craft, Pounds 93,000 from Department of Health (sexual abuse training); Dr N. Davey, Pounds 120,864 from Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (genetic manipulation of the growth habit of ornamental plants); Professor P. Shayler, Pounds 107,085 from Ford Motor Company (research support); Professor P. Shayler, Pounds 100,735 from Ford Motor Company (research support); Dr D. Rudd, Pounds 116,947 from Ford Motor Company (research supprort); Drs Wilcox and Skene, Professor Hampton, Pounds 436,689 from Department of Health via Northern Yorkshire Regional Health Authority (angiography in stable angina); Professor J. Carmichael, Pounds 54,000 from Amgen Inc (Phase I/II study of peripheral blood progenitor cell mobilisation using increasing doses of R-metHuSCF given in combination with Filgrastim follwing chemotherapy to patients with Figo Ic-Ic ovarian carcinoma compared to patients receiving Filgrastim and chemotherapy)

Research grants

Professor K. Packer, Pounds 129,913 from Natural Environment Research Council (investigation of the processes necessary for satisfactory conservation of waterlogged archaeological woods using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) and imaging (MRI)); Professor G. Pattenden, Pounds 129,907 from Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (cobalt-cation mediated reaction in enantiospecific ionic COC and CO heteroatom constructions); Dr M. Smith, Pounds 1,174 from Medical Research Council (site-specific recombination by actinophage OC31 integrase); Professor R. Lloyd, Pounds 0,431 from MRC (helicase activity in genetic recombination and DNA repair); Drs Steven and Clark, Pounds 92,476 from NERC (geophysical validation of ATSR-2 data); Dr R. Sockett, Pounds 69,580 from Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (function of bacterial flagellar motor); Professor P Buttery (with Dr Gilmour), Pounds 150,380 from BBSRC (nutrient and hormonal effects on the expression of genes of the porcine growth hormone-IGF axis).

European funds

Professor J. Peberdy, Ecu67,000 from EU (biotechnologcial approaches to the total utilisation of crustacean shellfish and shellfish waste).



Professor C. Hulme, Pounds 64,180 from the Leverhulme Trust (study arithmetic skills in specific language impairment); Drs L. Jones and W. Ahmad, Pounds 83,135 from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (study an overview of projects for deaf people from minority ethnic communities); Dr M. Rumsby, Pounds 156,091 from the Wellcome Trust (study how tumour necrosis factors are cytotoxic for oligodendro-cytes but not astrocytes: elucidating the signal transduction pathway differences and the role of protein kinase).

Research contracts

Dr E. Hancock, Pounds 50,000 from the Defence Research Agency (robust graph matching); Professor C. Perrings, Pounds 90,600 from the Department of the Environment Darwin Initiative (capacity-building for biodiversity conservation in Africa); Mr T. Tozer, Pounds 53,500 from the Ministry of Defence (communications simulation and modelling); Professor R. Carr-Hill, Pounds 80,333 from the Health Education Authority (study variations in health and health behaviour and the implications for health promotion).

Research grants

Professor K. Wilson, Pounds 97,692 from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (study of the improvement of phases of macro-molecular crystals); Drs R, Hubbard and D. White, Pounds 88,500 from BBSRC (equipping research in the biological sciences - biology and chemistry); Drs J. Austin and E. Hancock, Pounds 102,352 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (study automated fish ageing and using image analysis); Drs P. Bailey and N. Hill, Pounds 117,311 from the Medical Research Council (study attentional strategies in hearing: an investigation of the weighting of auditory information in discrimination tasks); Dr H. Leese and Mr A. Rutherford Pounds 53,172 from MRC (energy metabolism and blastocoel formation in single embryos).

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