My experience as an international student at the University of Luxembourg

As the University of Luxembourg is named as the second most international university in the world, Heidi Flinkman, from Finland, explains why she transferred there from her home university to complete her undergraduate degree as an international student.

一月 13 2016
Luxembourg city

My name is Heidi Flinkman and I’m a third-year bachelor’s student in informatics at the University of Luxembourg. I come from Finland and originally arrived in Luxembourg as an incoming exchange student from a Finnish university. As my exchange period came towards its end, I made the decision to transfer my studies and complete my degree in Luxembourg. I had really enjoyed my exchange experience and the university offered courses in business intelligence and banking information technologies that were interesting to me.

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My study programme is bilingual and, depending on the course, the classes are taught either in French or English. English is my stronger language and my personal goal throughout my studies has been not only to work towards getting my degree but also to strengthen my French skills as well. In terms of communication in or outside the classes, I find the atmosphere very supportive. As the university is highly international there are students and staff from many different countries and linguistic backgrounds, so it is easy to feel at home. My teachers, often teaching in something other than their first language as well, have been encouraging and sometimes offer me alternative course material or an option to answer in English in the exam. The university also provides additional language courses to support your studies and complement your language skills. 

I was offered accommodation by the university; living together with other students is an easy way to make friends outside your own faculty and perhaps even get help learning a new language. While I cannot say that I’m a regular at the parties organised by the student associations, I do take advantage of the cultural tips and free concert and theatre tickets provided by the university’s cultural office. Living in the capital of Luxembourg definitely has its small town charm, while the city still offers a wide range of free-time activities, great restaurants and inspiring internships and career options. Not only the University of Luxembourg but also Luxembourg the country are very multicultural and international. Because of Luxembourg’s small size and central location, travel connections to the rest of the Europe are convenient. Getting a train from Luxembourg Gare is a quick and easy way to spend weekends exploring neighbouring Belgium, France, Germany or go even further to the Netherlands and Switzerland, giving you a chance to get even more, well, international.

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