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Discovering my passion at the University of Hong Kong

Vesta Eresta Jaya from Indonesia explains how stretching her comfort zone at the University of Hong Kong allowed her to gain valuable insight

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Vesta Eresta Jaya

January 13 2016
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As an international undergraduate student studying at the University of Hong Kong (HKU), I would say that throughout my period of study here I have been continuously challenged to grow outside of my comfort zone. My two years spent at HKU so far have been fruitful.

From my experience, the students are highly intelligent – not just in terms of academic skill, as I have come across a mathematics student with the “Best Conductor in Hong Kong” award, a business, design and innovations student with many international debating awards under her belt, and many others. I am always exposed to students from different backgrounds, which allows for cultural exchange, and I learn from my peers about the fascinating projects that they are currently working on.

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I understand that the essence of being a student here is to never get discouraged, and instead try to draw upon others’ wisdom and valuable insights.

Regarding the opportunities that HKU offers, I am encouraged to collaborate with talented people. While studying molecular biology and biotechnology, I have found that HKU supports its science students by allowing an early exposure to research. For instance, the Summer Research Fellowship programme offers students, starting from their first year, the opportunity to conduct research under supervision and mentorship by the most seasoned scientists in that particular area of interest. Moreover, I have the chance to pursue an area outside my field of study, as I find myself drawn to business processes and dynamics. Like many other students at HKU, I am given the freedom to pursue a cross-faculty second major, which in my case is business studies.

I would encourage other students to take on the opportunities to explore the things outside their comfort zone. Many incredible things lie beyond, and that includes discovering your true passion.

The University of Hong Kong is third in the ranking of the world’s most international universities.

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