Workshop to analyse relationship between science and news - Tobago, 26-28 February 2002

一月 8, 2002

Brussels, 20 December 2001

An international workshop in Tobago on 26 to 28 February will focus on the role of news professionals in covering science.

The event falls into three sections. Firstly the experience of science communication in different parts of the world, secondly practical exercises in science communication and finally discussion of science communication needs and potential initiatives to address them.

Speakers have been invited from Europe, North and South America, the Indian subcontinent and Africa. They include journalists, such as from the UK's 'Guardian' newspaper, academics, such as from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and representatives of national research, such as the secretary of the Medical research council of South Africa.

As well as speeches, the event will offer a series of practical exercises, which will entail input from scientists, public information officers and journalists. One example is the treatment of a mock news story, generated by scientists, broken by public information officers and covered by journalists, with a press conference arranged for the end of the exercise.

On the final day, attendants will be divided into groups to discuss a number of special topics, ranging from what forms practical guides for science communicators in developing countries to the lessons learnt from regional initiatives.

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Research DG; Cordis News

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