A taste of sandwich complexes

二月 26, 1999

This book aims to "present a broad overview" of metallocenes and to "be a valuable source of information for undergraduates, postgraduates and senior researchers" without attempting completeness.

It succeeds to some extent, though it is difficult to spot a readership for whom this would be a principal text. Although it should be comprehensible to undergraduates, its coverage is too substantial for a degree course, and the level is too cursory for researchers. For example, the chemical and spectroscopic properties chapter contains just 25 references, only four of which were published in the past ten years. The writing is generally clear, though not free from some curious English usage or from statements that are erroneous or confusing. For example, "Main group fragments do not possess empty or partially filled d subshells."

There is a possible basis here for an interesting teaching book; but it requires care, attention to detail and up-to-date citations.

David Cardin is professor of inorganic chemistry, University of Reading.

Metallocenes: An Introduction to Sandwich Complexes. First Edition

Author - Nicholas J. Long
ISBN - 0 632 04162 5
Publisher - Blackwell Science
Price - £29.50
Pages - 285

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