Cultivating creativity in higher education

Academics from the UK and the US discuss the role of creativity in higher education, its many forms and how to foster it through teaching and research




University for the Creative Arts,London Metropolitan University,University of Washington, Bothell,University of Kansas,University of Melbourne
19 Aug 2021
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Key Details

Creativity is a contradictory term in higher education. Creative problem solving is celebrated as one of the most desirable skills for graduates entering the workplace, while traditionally “creative” disciplines appear to be losing out in terms of funding and support to STEM subjects in many countries. But what do we even mean by “creativity” and what is its role in education and wider society? And can it be taught?  

Join Bashir Makhoul, president and vice-chancellor of the University for the Creative Arts in London; Giovanni Moneta, senior lecturer in psychology at London Metropolitan University; Linda Watts, professor in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at the University of Washington, Bothell; and Yong Zhao, foundation distinguished professor in the School of Education at the University of Kansas and a professor in educational leadership at the University of Melbourne's Graduate School of Education as they discuss:
• The different forms and applications of creativity – why is it important? 
• How can creativity aid learning and research across all disciplines? 
• How can university leaders foster creative cultures and approaches across their institutions? 
• How to ensure technology supports greater creativity rather than homogenises teaching and learning.

This discussion is part of our series of THE Campus webinars that take place throughout the year.


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