Campus webinar: Decolonising the curriculum

A panel of academics from Campus+ institutions in the UK and Australia discuss the what, why and how of decolonising the curriculum

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20 Jul 2022
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In this webinar, academics from the UK and Australia address the topic of Decolonising the Curriculum, exploring the issue from definition to context and intersectionality, and finally steps to start the process in individual disciplines.

The panellists are:

Claire Alexander, a professor of sociology at the University of Manchester and associate director of the Centre on the Dynamics of Ethnicity, who has written on racial inequality in Britain for more than 30 years

Elizabeth Mackinlay, an honorary academic in the School of Education at the University of Queensland, who writes about her role as a non-Indigenous educator in the project of decoloniality (her most recent book is Critical Writing for Embodied Approaches: Autoethnography, Feminism and Decoloniality)

Mitchell Rom, a postdoctoral researcher, also at the University of Queensland, with an interest in decolonial studies, education and health; his doctorate focused on the key learning, teaching and policy challenges in the contemporary Indigenous Australian education space

Maisha Reza, a senior lecturer in biomedical sciences at the University of Exeter, where she is also race equality resource officer, academic co-chair of the College EDI Committee and module lead on “Decolonising Medicine, an Introduction”.

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