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November 4, 2010

Abject Relations: Everyday Worlds of Anorexia

Author: Megan Warin

Edition: First

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

Pages: 280

Price: £64.50 and £23.50

ISBN 9780813546896 and 6902

Warin departs from conventional psychotherapy approaches to anorexia, long seen as an extreme manifestation of a Western obsession with beauty and autonomy. Her ethnographic investigation shows sufferers' conflicted relationship with their illness, in which it becomes an empowering practice, in a work that offers fresh perspectives that may have implications for future treatment regimes.

Social Psychology

Authors: David Myers, Jackie Abell, Arnulf Kolstad and Fabio Sani

Edition: First European

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Pages: 864

Price: £37.99

ISBN 9780077121785

The authors build on the original US textbook to offer a fully revised first European edition, offering in-depth consideration of a dynamic field in the discipline. Key features include examples of European and international research drawn from classic and contemporary studies, chapters on social categorisation and social identity, a completely new chapter on methods and conceptual issues, and extended coverage of terror management theory. An online learning centre accompanies the book.

Aging and Mental Health

Authors: Daniel L. Segal, Sara Honn Qualls and Michael A. Smyer

Edition: Second

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

Pages: 320

Price: £24.99

ISBN 9781405130752

A fully revised second edition offers a complete introduction to ageing and mental health for psychology students and academics, and practitioners in gerontology. The authors present models of mental health and mental illness, together with their implications for treatment, and a pragmatic analysis of assessment and treatment approaches.

Occupational Health Psychology

Editors: Stavroula Leka and Jonathan Houdmont

Edition: First

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

Pages: 368

Price: £34.99

ISBN 9781405191159

Since its emergence as a discipline in the 1990s, occupational health psychology has generated a wealth of scientific knowledge on work-related stress and wider organisational issues associated with individual and organisational health. This text aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to the discipline and a reader-friendly overview of the key themes in research and practice.

Feminist Therapy

Author: Laura S. Brown

Edition: First

Publisher: American Psychological Association

Pages: 153

Price: £22.50

ISBN 9781433804618

In the four decades since its inception, feminist therapy has evolved from psychotherapy for women, where it functioned largely as a corrective against sexist approaches of the age, into a technically integrative model of practice encompassing work with women, men, children, families and larger systems. Here, Brown presents and explores the theory and history of the approach, its primary change mechanisms and empirical basis, and looks to future developments.

Social Psychology and Human Nature

Authors: Roy F. Baumeister and Brad J. Bushman

Edition: Second revised international

Publisher: Cengage Learning

Pages: 672

Price: £43.99

ISBN 9780495830146

Baumeister and Bushman seek to provide integrated and accessible insight into the ways that nature, the social environment and culture interact to influence social behaviour. A contemporary approach emphasises the role of human nature, viewing people as complex and variously inclined cultural animals, as the text focuses on key findings that have shaped theory. "Money Matters" and "Food for Thought" boxes tie material to familiar concerns from everyday life, while "Tradeoffs" boxes aim to help students develop a greater capacity to see both sides of problems.

Disorders of Childhood: Development and Psychopathology

Authors: Robin Hornik Parritz and Michael F. Troy

Edition: First international

Publisher: Cengage Learning

Pages: 488

Price: £34.99

ISBN 9780840031556

The US-based academic authors highlight the interaction between normal development and psychopathology, employing a broad, holistic approach that focuses on the whole child rather than on narrow individual disorders. Extensive use of case studies brings the concepts to life as four themes recur: the child in context; clinical perspectives; risk and resilience; and emerging science. Subjects treated here include disorders of early development and attachment, mental retardation, autism spectrum disorders, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, mood disorder, suicidality and substance abuse disorders.

The Sociocultural Turn in Psychology: The Contextual Emergence of Mind and Self

Editors: Suzanne R. Kirschner and Jack Martin

Edition: First

Publisher: Columbia University Press

Pages: 312

Price: £83.00 and £31.00

ISBN 9780231148382 and 8399

In the past two decades, the sociocultural turn, which offers an alternative to overly biological or interiorised theories of the self, has firmly established itself within disciplinary and professional psychology. Scholars Kirschner and Martin, both former presidents of the American Psychological Association's Division of the Society, aim to provide advanced students and practitioners with a definitive understanding of these theories via a collection of essays that describe the discursive, hermeneutic, dialogical and activity approaches of sociocultural psychology.

Forensic Psychology: Concepts, Debates and Practice

Editors: Joanna R. Adler and Jacqueline M. Gray

Edition: Second revised

Publisher: Willan

Pages: 608

Price: £26.99

ISBN 9781843924142

Authorities in the field of forensic psychology seek to show the scope of the discipline and the techniques employed in key areas of research, policy and practice. Intended to go beyond introductory texts on the subject, the text aims to challenge perceptions, raise questions for research, pose problems for practice and inspire and stimulate while showing the ways in which forensic psychology aids the practice of criminal justice. This second edition is updated, revised and significantly expanded, with a new section on treatment as intervention and other content including: contributions to UK police interviews; forensic psychology and terrorism; and self-harm in prisons.

Introduction to Political Psychology

Authors: Martha L. Cottam, Beth Dietz-Uhler, Elena Mastors and Thomas Preston

Edition: Second

Publisher: Psychology Press/Taylor and Francis

Pages: 416

Price: £60.00, £24.99 and £24.99 (e-book)

ISBN 9781848728813, 8820 and 9780203848777 (e-book)

Billed as the first comprehensive textbook on political psychology, this book is intended as a user-friendly exploration of the psychological origins of political behaviour. The authors use psychological concepts to explain types of behaviour, introducing a range of theories and supporting case studies. Topics covered include: personality and politics; cognition, social identity, emotions and attitudes; political leaders; voting, the role of the media and tolerance; ethnic conflict; nationalism and terrorism.

Essential Ethics for Psychologists: A Primer for Understanding and Mastering Core Issues

Author: Thomas F. Nagy

Edition: First

Publisher: American Psychological Association

Pages: 252

Price: £44.50

ISBN 9781433808630

Nagy, a staff psychologist at the Stanford Center for Integrative Medicine, aims to address students and emerging psychologists' difficulty in understanding the APA Ethics Code. He discusses how psychologists identify and address ethical issues, what the most important ethical concepts are and how they apply to specific settings. The book offers an introduction to the code and then explores in depth four ethical concepts applicable to all psychologists: competence; informed consent; privacy and confidentiality; and avoiding harm and exploitation. Case studies show how ethical concepts are applied, and a website offers discussion questions and a reading list.

Observational Measurement of Behavior

Authors: Paul Yoder and Frank Symons

Edition: First

Publisher: Springer

Pages: 240

Price: £53.50

ISBN 9780826137975

Aimed at postgraduate students, this textbook seeks to assist them in the competent conduct of observational research methods and measurement. Chapters delineate not only the techniques and mechanics of observational methods, but also their theoretical and conceptual underpinnings. Yoder and Symons' approach covers single-subject and group-design perspectives of observational methods, instructing students when and how to use both methodologies. A CD-ROM provides media files of an observation session to code with multiple behaviour sampling methods.

Biological Psychology: An Introduction to Behavioral, Cognitive, and Clinical Neuroscience

Authors: S. Marc Breedlove, Neil V. Watson and Mark R. Rosenzweig

Edition: Sixth

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Pages: 630

Price: £45.99

ISBN 9780878935635

Written for undergraduates enrolled on courses in biological psychology, physiological psychology or behavioural neuroscience, this redesigned and updated sixth edition aims to make even complicated topics and processes clear through a broad perspective on behaviour, evolutionary history, development, proximate mechanisms and applications.

New content includes an up-to-date cognitive neuroscience module with expanded coverage of attention, executive control and decision-making processes, as well as hundreds of new references. A free-access companion website includes the Biological Psychology Newslink, updated daily with links to thousands of news stories.

Mental Health, Psychiatry and the Arts: A Teaching Handbook

Editor: Victoria Tischler

Edition: First

Publisher: Radcliffe

Pages: 176

Price: £29.99

ISBN 9781846193736

This volume is an exploration of the ways in which visual art, cinema, music, poetry, literature and drama can inform the teaching and practice of mental health practitioners. Edited and written by a team of clinicians, users of mental health services, teachers and researchers, this text aims to offer clear models and practical solutions, and is aimed at both undergraduate and postgraduate educators with teaching responsibilities in psychiatry and mental health.


Author: Peter Gray

Edition: Sixth international

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Pages: 674

Price: £39.99

ISBN 9781429252454

A perennial best-seller, Gray's text explores psychology's major theories alongside the evidence that supports and refutes them, offering functionalist, evolutionary, neuro-psychological and cross-cultural perspectives. The sixth edition includes new topics and hundreds of new research citations. Topics range from the adaptiveness and physiological mechanism of behaviour, through sensation and perception, to the human intellect, growth of the mind and person, and personality and disorders.

Peer Groups and Children's Development: Psychological and Educational Perspectives

Author: Christine Howe

Edition: First

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

Pages: 248

Price: £55.00 and £24.99

ISBN 9781405179454 and 9447

The experiences of schoolchildren with their peer groups and the implications for social, personal and intellectual development are considered here, as Howe reviews and integrates literature relating to classroom and out-of-class settings. The text is intended to address psychologists' and educationalists' research concerns, as well as the practical concerns of teachers, parents, counsellors and policymakers.

Personality: Theory and Research

Authors: Daniel Cervone and Lawrence A. Pervin

Edition: Eleventh

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

Pages: 624

Price: £44.99

ISBN 9780470553053

The authors seek to enhance the coverage of contemporary research findings in the field, with chapters streamlined to offer balanced coverage of competing theories.

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