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November 4, 2010

The Dred Scott Case: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Race and Law

Editors: David Thomas Konig, Paul Finkelman and Christopher Alan Bracey

Edition: First

Publisher: Ohio University Press

Pages: 292

Price: £48.95 and £24.50

ISBN 9780821419113 and 9120

Drawing from the example of the Dred Scott v Sandford case, the text presents both original research and reflections from leading scholars. Revisiting the history of the case that deemed African Americans to hold no rights under the Constitution, it scrutinises the issues that, despite more than a century and a half of litigation, are yet to be resolved.

Privilege and Property: Essays on the History of Copyright

Editors: Ronan Deazley, Martin Kretschmer and Lionel Bently

Edition: First

Publisher: Open Book Publishers

Pages: 450

Price: £24.95 and £14.95

ISBN 9781906924195 and 4188

These essays trace the history of copyright law, which has its origins in varying norms and practices. It features details of cases including that of the German master printer Johannes of Speyer, who in 1469 obtained a five-year exclusive privilege to print in Venice and its dominions. It also discusses revolutionary France in 1789, where the subtle balance established by royal decrees between the interests of the author, the bookseller and the public was shattered by the abolition of the privilege system.

International Law in World Politics: An Introduction

Author: Shirley V. Scott

Edition: Second

Publisher: Lynne Rienner Publishers

Pages: 325

Price: £17.95

ISBN 9781588267450

Scott deals with topics including the nature of legal argument, the negotiation and implementation of multilateral treaties, and the place of intergovernmental organisations and non-state actors in the international legal system. This second edition includes a full chapter on the use of force, and introduces the concepts, rules and functioning of law around the world, employing case studies to aid learning.

Understanding International Law

Author: Conway W. Henderson

Edition: First

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

Pages: 488

Price: £55.00 and £24.99

ISBN 9781405197649 and 7656

Henderson seeks to provide a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the field of international law. Addressing its interrelationship with world politics, the text also features chapters on topics such as making the world safer, human rights, the environment and the world economy.

Copyright and E-learning: A Guide for Practitioners

Author: Jane Secker

Edition: First

Publisher: Facet

Pages: 192

Price: £44.95

ISBN 9781856046657

In an era of increased usage of shared e-learning support in education, this collection aims to provide readers with an understanding of the copyright and other intellectual property rights issues essential to ensure that material does not expose institutions to risk. It features case studies and other sources of information in its description of the best practices developed by universities worldwide.

Law Express: Criminal Law

Authors: Emily Finch and Stefan Fafinski

Edition: Third

Publisher: Pearson Longman

Pages: 328

Price: £10.99

ISBN 9781408239872

This student-friendly book gives advice on relating reading and study material covered in criminal law courses to exam and assignment situations. It aims to enable readers to understand quickly what is required, as well as giving tips on organising revision and learning key points with ease.

Rights in Context: Law and Justice in Late Modern Society

Editor: Reza Banakar

Edition: First

Publisher: Ashgate

Pages: 368

Price: £85.00 and £35.00

ISBN 9781409407393 and 7409

Banakar provides a snapshot of how rights are debated and employed in public discourse to reshape legal and political relations. Exploring how these liberties are used to challenge the state of affairs by individuals and groups who seek justice, he also looks at the strategies devised to defy the rights established by those who wish to recast the social and political order.

French Law: A Comparative Approach

Author: Eva Steiner

Edition: First

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Pages: 448

Price: £32.99

ISBN 9780199232376

Using a comparative approach, Steiner introduces the institutions and methodology that underpin the French legal system. She covers key areas including property rights, the law of contract and the law of tort to help readers comprehend the subtleties, similarities and distinctions of French law compared with other jurisdictions.

Business Law Concentrate

Author: James Marson

Edition: First

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Pages: 232

Price: £11.99

ISBN 9780199579464

Marson's revision guide features the major topics found in undergraduate business law courses. He provides succinct coverage of the main elements of the law and presents further avenues of investigation, taking into account key academic concerns and debates.

Sports Law

Author: Mark James

Edition: First

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Pages: 336

Price: £22.99

ISBN 9780230223417

James' introduction to this field of law aims to instil into readers a firm grasp of the necessary legal principles. He examines the way in which the law has become a means to regulate modern sport at both the professional and amateur levels.

Simester and Sullivan's Criminal Law

Authors: A.P. Simester, J.R. Spencer, G.R. Sullivan and G.J. Virgo

Edition: Fourth

Publisher: Hart

Pages: 901

Price: £29.99

ISBN 97818411392

Major new developments including the Serious Crime Act 2007 and the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 are covered in the fourth edition. Designed for use in undergraduate teaching, it incorporates an authoritative exposition of the law with an exploration of its theoretical underpinnings.

Film and the Law: The Cinema of Justice

Authors: Steve Greenfield, Guy Osborn and Peter Robson

Edition: Second

Publisher: Hart

Pages: 392

Price: £30.00

ISBN 9781841137254

The authors seek to demonstrate a new solution to the law film genre problem, and offer an examination of representations of aspects of legal practice and the legal institution that have not been addressed by other scholars.

Family Law

Author: Kate Standley

Edition: Seventh

Publisher: Palgrave

Pages: 520

Price: £23.99

ISBN 9780230251595

Featuring up-to-date coverage of developments in the field, the seventh edition deals with the detail of statute and case law as well as examining the wider social and policy issues, current family law debates and proposals for reform.

The International Law of the Sea

Authors: Donald R. Rothwell and Tim Stephens

Edition: First

Publisher: Hart

Pages: 516

Price: £35.00

ISBN 9781841132570

A novel explanation for the regulation, management and governance of the ocean spaces is presented in this text. It features a critical overview of the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, and analyses subsequent developments including the bilateral, regional and global agreements that supplement the Convention.

Bourne on Company Law

Author: Nicholas Bourne

Edition: Fifth

Publisher: Routledge/Taylor and Francis

Pages: 408

Price: £26.99

ISBN 9780415563505

The fifth edition includes revisions made in light of the conclusion of the Companies Act 2006. It incorporates an expanded introduction that provides background and context to the way the law works in relation to companies. It also considers the European influence on company law.

The English Legal System

Authors: Gary Slapper and David Kelly

Edition: Eleventh

Publisher: Routledge/Taylor and Francis

Pages: 760

Price: £29.99

ISBN 9780415566957

Examining the legal rules of England and Wales and their collective influence as a socio-cultural institution, this book provides new material on topics such as the new Supreme Court, the criminal justice system, the remodelled legal professions, human rights and European law.

Wolf and Stanley on Environmental Law

Authors: Susan Wolf and Neil Stanley

Edition: Fifth

Publisher: Routledge/Taylor and Francis

Pages: 634

Price: £28.99

ISBN 9780415418461

Intended for students of environmental law as well as wider environmental studies, the latest edition takes into account recent developments in the subject. It includes coverage of legislation including the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005, the Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005 and the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2007.

European Union Law

Authors: Damian Chalmers, Gareth Davies and Giorgio Monti

Edition: Second

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Pages: 1,150

Price: £38.00

ISBN 9780521121514

The second edition has been considerably revised following extensive user feedback in an effort to meet current teaching requirements. It was published after the rejuvenation of the Lisbon Treaty and features chapters on EU law in national courts, governance and external relations, reflecting the directions in which the field is moving.

Virtual Justice: The New Laws of Online Worlds

Author: Greg Lastowka

Edition: First

Publisher: Yale University Press

Pages: 240

Price: £22.50

ISBN 9780300141207

Lastowka presents recent lawsuits and controversies to explain how governments are responding to the chaos occurring within cyberspace. He explores how laws of property, jurisdiction, crime and copyright are being adapted to pave the path of virtual law, and he highlights the legal dilemmas posed by the virtual world in today's society.

The Meaning of Property: Freedom, Community, and the Legal Imagination

Author: Jedediah Purdy

Edition: First

Publisher: Yale University Press

Pages: 240

Price: £18.00

ISBN 9780300115451

Drawing on the work of economic theorist Adam Smith, Purdy argues that the virtues of wealth are social rather than economic. Examining issues in US politics and law, such as slavery, inheritance and international development, he suggests that society's view of property ownership - whereby the community is treated as the precondition of individual freedom - is a view much needed to inform the legal industry today.

Legal Method Essentials

Authors: Dale McFadzean and Gareth Ryan

Edition: First

Publisher: Dundee University Press

Pages: 112

Price: £15.00

ISBN 9781845860776

Intended as a guide for students and practitioners undertaking research in law, this text includes an introduction to legislation, the parliamentary process, and finding and using case law. Summaries of essential facts are presented to help students identify and remember the key elements required.

Contract Law: Ius Commune Casebooks for the Common Law of Europe

Authors: Hugh Beale, Denis Tallon, Stefan Vogenauer, Jacobien Rutgers and Benedicte Fauvarque-Cosson

Edition: Second

Publisher: Hart

Pages: 1,475

Price: £38.95

ISBN 9781841136042

Focusing on English, French and German law, the second edition of this text contains information on leading cases, legislation and other materials from these legal traditions. It covers issues such as formation, validity, third parties and supervening events. Material in the text is ordered to enable comparative study and is complemented with annotations and comparative overviews prepared by a multinational team.

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