Culture, media & gender studies round-up

November 3, 2011

In the Limelight and Under the Microscope: Forms and Functions of Female Celebrity

Editors: Su Holmes and Diane Negra

Edition: First

Publisher: Continuum

Pages: 352

Price: £65.00 and £19.99

ISBN 9781441154958 and 9780826438553

Intended to serve as a timely exploration of the politics of female celebrity across a range of media contexts and case studies ranging from the 19th century to the present, this collection features contributions by leading scholars that seek to assess the shifting parameters of public/private visibility and the impact on women in the public eye.

Transatlantic Conversations: Feminism as Travelling Theory

Editors: Kathy Davis and Mary Evans

Edition: First

Publisher: Ashgate

Pages: 250

Price: £55.00

ISBN 9780754678359

Leading scholars from Europe and North America present new work in a text that aims to consider the impact of local and national debates and differences on second-wave feminism. In examining the meaning and implications of the different ways in which various shared categories have been treated on both sides of the Atlantic, this volume analyses differences within feminism and offers a framework for the discussion of what is often assumed to be the homogeneity of the West.

International Journalism

Author: Kevin Williams

Edition: First

Publisher: SAGE

Pages: 216

Price: £65.00 and £21.99

ISBN 97814129451 and 45288

Tracing the historical development of international reporting, Kevin Williams examines the organisational structures, occupational culture and information environment in which it is practised to consider the view that the role of the foreign correspondent is heading for extinction. He explores the forces of technology, commercial constraint and globalisation that are changing how journalism is practised and understood.

Games and Gaming: An Introduction to New Media

Author: Larissa Hjorth

Edition: First

Publisher: A&C Black/Berg

Pages: 192

Price: £50.00 and £17.99

ISBN 9781847884923 and 884916

Games have become one of the dominant forms of global popular culture. Their study is no longer a niche interest, but offers an informative angle on contemporary social relations, online communities and media engagement. Larissa Hjorth explores the role of games in everyday life and offers extensive case material. She explores subjects such as avatar representation, urban and location-aware gaming, gaming in the Asia-Pacific region and social media and online games.

Cultural Studies in the Future Tense

Author: Lawrence Grossberg

Edition: First

Publisher: Duke University Press

Pages: 372

Price £65.00 and £16.99

ISBN 9780822348443 and 348306

Lawrence Grossberg, an eminent cultural studies scholar, offers a critique of the present state of cultural studies and, more broadly, of the intellectual Left in the Anglo-American academy. He posits a vision for the future of cultural studies as conjunctural analysis and argues for multiple ways of being modern as an analytic and imaginative frame.

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