Book of the week

Review: Strip Cultures, by The Project on Vegas: Susan Willis, Stacy Jameson, Karen Klugman and Jane Kuenz

Book of the week: A work of distinction offers fresh insights into the hedonism and hangovers, says Richard J. Williams

Review: Fashion Victims, by Alison Matthews David

Book of the week: Stomach-churning detail reminds us of the blood, sweat and tears in clothes, says Shahidha Bari

Review: Intelligence in the Flesh, by Guy Claxton

Book of the week: From emotions to waiting tables, our physical frame deserves more credit, finds Joanna Bryson

Review: The Invention of Science, by David Wootton

Book of the week: Landmark discoveries have relied on some unexpected connections, says Richard Joyner

Review: Culture, Capitals and Graduate Futures, by Ciaran Burke

Book of the week: Early experience of class has a large effect on the working lives of graduates, discovers Huw Morris

Book review: The Man Who Closed the Asylums, by John Foot

Book of the week: Helen Bynum welcomes a study of the psychiatrist who ended the jail-like seclusion of patients

Book review: SlutWalk: Feminism, Activism and Media, by Kaitlynn Mendes

Book of the week: Emma Rees on the social networking origins of a 21st-century political movement

Review: Crisis at Work: Identity and the End of Career, by Jesse Potter

Book of the week: Bankers swap cufflinks for cassocks in an era of reinvention not defined by pay, finds Leslie Gofton

Review: Critical Reflections on Ownership, by Mary Warnock

Book of the week: A study of private property reminds us to reflect on the things we don’t control, finds Jane O’Grady

Review: The Strange Case of the Rickety Cossack and Other Cautionary Tales from Human Evolution, by Ian Tattersall

Book of the week: Simon Underdown on our origin story’s twists, turns and red herrings

Book review: The Matter Factory: A History of the Chemistry Laboratory, by Peter J. T. Morris

Book of the week: The workspaces of pioneering scientists are laid bare in an insightful text, finds Richard Joyner

Book review: Pedigree: How Elite Students Get Elite Jobs, by Lauren A. Rivera

Book of the week: To become a Master of the Universe, you must work hard but play harder, finds Angelia Wilson

Book review: The Guardians The League of Nations and the Crisis of Empire by Susan Pedersen

Book of the week: Niamh Gallagher on a body that, in chipping away at imperial rule, shaped the modern world

Book review The Bronte Cabinet Three Lives in Nine Objects by Deborah Lutz

Book of the week: Personal items belonging to the literary sisters illuminate their wild genius, says Shahidha Bari

The Ocean, the Bird and the Scholar: Essays on Poets and Poetry, by Helen Vendler

Book of the week: Elizabeth Greene lauds an eminent critic’s fine close reading of Wallace Stevens and others

Cosmopolitan Sexualities: Hope and the Humanist Imagination, by Ken Plummer

Book of the week: A sexology for our age examines a global and multifaceted part of humanity, says Sally R. Munt

Book review: Cakes, Custard and Category Theory: Easy Recipes for Understanding Complex Maths, by Eugenia Cheng

Book of the week: Noel-Ann Bradshaw is inspired by a book with all the right ingredients for explaining a tricky subject

Book review: Siena: City of Secrets, by Jane Tylus

Book of the week: Discover the Tuscan metropolis in a study suffused with all the vitality of the Palio, says Philip Cooke

Book of the week: Work to bring creatures back from the dead is a tale of wonder and warning, writes Tiffany Taylor

This examination of space exploration has its feet firmly on the ground, writes Monica Grady

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