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Jo Johnson smiling

Andy Westwood gives his verdict on Jo Johnson's big HE speech


University leaders dismayed by factual holes in the revived debate over tuition fees should respond with some broad brush strokes of their own, says Andy Westwood

Tuition, fees, education funding

Current fees system ‘isn’t perfect’, but it does a decent job of balancing the interests of universities, students and taxpayers, says Tim Bradshaw

Romeo and Juliet

Should we be talking about Ofcoll and the ‘degree experience framework’? Diana Beech thinks so

Broke, piggy bank, money, skint

Shadow HE minister Gordon Marsden believes that the current approach to tuition fees could end up punishing not only students, but whole communities

Quebec City

The western provinces’ French-speaking universities reinforce a Canadian identity that is bilingual and multicultural, say Gabor Csepregi and Rodney Clifton

Jeremy Corbyn supporters at Glastonbury

It is time to revisit the idea of a graduate tax, argues Andy Green

Nurses looking at chart

Vice-chancellor and chief executive of the University of Worcester, David Green, offers his thoughts on the HE landscape post-election, and what needs to change

crashed skier

UK universities’ complacency in the good times has left them ill-equipped to respond to falling postgraduate master’s enrolment, says Michelle Morgan


Demand-driven funding in higher education but not vocational education will distort both provision and student choice, says Peter Noonan

Miners standing in a line in a field

Sir Keith Burnett on the reaction of scholars and students in America as the US president pulls out of the Paris Agreement

British police officers guarding 10 Downing Street entrance, London

Nick Hillman looks at the implications of the election result for the university sector, and finds a small slither of silver lining

London, westminster, parliament, government

Nick Hillman looks at the tricky TEF questions that a new higher education minister could face on their first day

Jeremy Corbyn

John Morgan looks at how Jeremy Corbyn's pledge has gone down with the public and the press

Fish in a net

A student funding system in Ontario that brings together sources of financial help will be watched closely by other provinces seeking to increase access, says Glen Jones

Ahead of the general election, Llyr Gruffydd, Plaid Cymru shadow education secretary, writes on his party's higher education vision

Jo Johnson, minister

Jo Johnson, minister for universities and science, says ‘we will ensure students and taxpayers receive strong returns from their investment in higher education’

Sarah Olney, the Lib Dem education spokeswoman, on her party’s vision for higher education 

Interconnected world/global roaming

Sir Keith Burnett explains why it matters more than ever that universities speak out in support of our international communities

Gordon Marsden, Labour Party

Labour Party will also ensure that students currently at university will not have to pay tuition for their remaining years, says shadow HE minister Gordon Marsden