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Widening participation

The loss of Supporting Professionalism in Admissions would be bad news for students, says Les Ebdon

Time to react protester

The whole Science and Technology Committee should be disbanded, and the process of establishing it restarted, says Dame Athene Donald

Pylon engineer

Critics of vice-chancellor pay levels have a point, and universities need to acknowledge that, says Gordon McKenzie

John Last believes that UK schools policy risks damaging the flow of creative students into universities and jobs

Stressed admissions tutor

A national postgraduate admissions system would allow universities to improve planning, enhance student satisfaction and widen participation, says Michelle Morgan

lecture, lecture hall, students

Edward Peck looks at the findings of UUK’s Review of the Teaching Excellence Framework


Universities should play a key role in teaching Canadians about their nation’s racist past and the possible ways to redress it, says Glen Jones

March against racism

The battle is not over for universities, but this week’s figures on international students are vindication for an embattled HE sector, says Sir Keith Burnett 

Don’t blame vice-chancellors for their salaries – we need to rethink where power lies in universities, says Tom Cutterham

Free education protesters

Remuneration committees should pay less attention to other institutions when setting their leaders’ pay, says Nick Hillman

bridge, broken, coooperation

Together, FE and HE can become a dynamic force for skills development in the UK, writes Alison Whittle

A wealthy district of Sydney

Australian legislation proposes to lower the country’s generous loan repayment threshold – but some argue that it should rise even higher, says Andrew Norton

Carrot on stick

Without more research funding, senior Indonesian academics are unlikely to be able to meet new government-imposed publication standards, says Martin Surya Mulyadi

Aboriginal totem, Canada

Financial issues are not the central barriers to increased university access in Canada. It is cultural factors that must be tackled, say Ross Finne, Athur Sweetman and Richard Mueller

Jo Johnson smiling

Andy Westwood gives his verdict on Jo Johnson's big HE speech


University leaders dismayed by factual holes in the revived debate over tuition fees should respond with some broad brush strokes of their own, says Andy Westwood

Tuition, fees, education funding

Current fees system ‘isn’t perfect’, but it does a decent job of balancing the interests of universities, students and taxpayers, says Tim Bradshaw

Romeo and Juliet

Should we be talking about Ofcoll and the ‘degree experience framework’? Diana Beech thinks so

Broke, piggy bank, money, skint

Shadow HE minister Gordon Marsden believes that the current approach to tuition fees could end up punishing not only students, but whole communities

Quebec City

The western provinces’ French-speaking universities reinforce a Canadian identity that is bilingual and multicultural, say Gabor Csepregi and Rodney Clifton