Yale School of Management

165 Whitney Avenue, New Haven, Connecticut, 06511, United States

About Yale School of Management

Yale School of Management was set up in 1971 after Yale received specific instruction for it in the bequest from the estate of Frederick W. Beinecke, PhB 1909. Two years later, a School of Organization and Management was created to award a master’s degree in public and private management (MPPM), a two-year long course aimed at managers in business, government, and nonprofit sectors. The school became Yale School of Management in 1994, replacing the MPPM with a master's of business administration (MBA) degree, five years later.

The school’s current course offering includes: MBA; MBA for executives; master of advanced management; master's degree in systemic risk (geared towards early- and mid-career employees of central banks and other major regulatory agencies); master's degree in global business and society; PhD; executive education (leadership-oriented, for individuals and companies) and the emerging leaders seminar for "underrepresented professionals of color".

There are also a series of diverse joint degrees that represent the all-round approach of the school. They include: MBA/JD with Yale Law School (three-year or four-year); MBA/MEM or MF with Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies; MBA/MA in global affairs with the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs; MBA/MD with Yale School of Medicine; MBA/MPH with Yale School of Public Health (two-year or three-year); MBA/MARCH with Yale School of Architecture; MBA/MFA with Yale School of Drama; MBA/MDIV or MAR with Yale Divinity School; MBA/PhD with Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Yale School of Management has a number of fascinating research centres. The Center for Customer Insights examines customer behaviour and marketplace dynamics. The International Center for Finance disseminates the work of leading scholars – both from Yale and outside – to the outside world. The Programme on Social Enterprise looks at how business can help achieve social objectives, the Center for Business and the Environment does the same in that area.

The Program on Entrepreneurship encourages initiatives through the Yale curriculum and forms networks across global entrepreneurial communities. Launched in 2013, the Yale Program on Financial Stability aims to become the leading source for research and training that combines the theory and practice of regulation of the financial system. Finally, The Yale Center Beijing advances Yale University’s aim of developing leaders from all sectors of society and all regions of the globe.

Yale Management School’s roll call of notable faculty and alumni is highly populated and includes the leaders of key financial institutions, both those in government and across investment banks, corporations and household business brands.

There are more than 40 MBA student clubs. Many are vocational but there is a range of sporting pursuits on offer including, soccer, frisbee, crew, rugby, skiing, and squash.