University of Toronto

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Key Statistics

  • 66,198
  • 19.5
    Student:Staff Ratio
  • 15%
    International Students
  • -
    Female:Male Ratio

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A message from the University of Toronto

Established in 1827, the University of Toronto is a world-renowned community of 85,000 students and 13,000 faculty members, located in one of the world’s most vibrant and multicultural cities.

The student experience

The University of Toronto attracts students of the highest calibre from around the world. Small-group seminars and tutorials, combined with large lectures and online support, give students the opportunity to develop a spectrum of skills and knowledge. Students are attracted to U of T by the opportunity to work closely with renowned professors and to engage in research right from the beginning of their academic careers.

The University of Toronto also offers a vibrant extra-curricular student experience, with more than 800 clubs and student-run organizations. And just outside the lecture halls lies a world-class city renowned for its extraordinary variety of activities and its multicultural diversity.

Research and innovation

The University of Toronto has a long history of innovation and research. It’s where Banting and Best first used insulin to treat diabetes, where Marshall McLuhan proclaimed that the medium is the message, where Frederick Teasdale and his colleagues developed Pablum and where Ernest McCulloch and James Till discovered stem cells. And the spirit of discovery lives on in a new generation of researchers making breakthroughs in such fields as computer speech recognition, solar energy, quantum cryptography, transportation and medicine. Today, our research community spans three campuses and nine partner hospitals, with annual research income totaling $1.2 billion. U of T researchers publish more articles than peers at any university except Harvard. U of T consistently ranks alongside the top five U.S. universities in the world in articles cited and is one of the top three single North American institutions in number of start-up companies created. 

University of Toronto alumni

U of T’s 500,000 alumni occupy leadership roles in more than 150 countries and in every sphere of human activity. Their ranks have included Lester Pearson, Norman Bethune, Margaret Atwood, Roberta Bondar, Julie Payette, David Cronenberg, Malcolm Gladwell and Craig Kielburger – prime ministers and poets, comedians and cinematographers, Nobel Prize laureates, humanitarians, astronauts and entrepreneurs.


27 King's College Circle
Toronto, ON M5S 1A1