University of Kufa

P.O Box 21, Kufa, Najaf Governorate, Iraq

About University of Kufa

The University of Kufa, founded in 1987, has expanded to become one of the largest Iraqi universities. There are 21 faculties, each of which constitutes an administrative grouping of departments and other institutions. Consequently, it has built a regional centre of academic and research excellence. The University of Kufa offers more than 100 undergraduate and 50 postgraduate programmes in, but not limited to, social and applied science, business administration, arts, humanities, medicine, dentistry and engineering. Most of the programmes have a research component that goes in line with the university’s status as a comprehensive and intensive research establishment. The University of Kufa has implemented research and innovation as a philosophy of learning and is committed to the international academic efforts of developing global promising leaders who are able to face the world’s most problematic challenges.